Jinx Maze

New models capture the internet

One of the newer porn stars, Jynx Maze, was born on October 6, 1990 in Long Beach, California. Her family is originally from Peru, actually only half of her family, so this pretty girl is half Peruvian. Her measurements are 34B-25-36 and everything on her is natural. That already mentioned natural beauty has been adorned with brown hair and eyes. She is high 154 cm and 53 kg heavy, so it is jinxmaze-office-dressclear that this is a very good-looking and well-built girl. She is like a bud that is constantly in the sun and with the incredible speed is developing in a beautiful flower that many have already noticed in the garden of porno flowers.

Striding to fame

What a silly Jynx was able to achieve in a very short time, was not possible for many big porn stars. Although she was born in America, under her real name Victoria Elson, she was much closer to her original country. She joined her colleagues from the porn industry when she was only 20 years old. Thanks to her restless nature, all the scenes in which she participates are very striking. In the moments when she experiences sexual climax from her emerges amazing wildlife and obsession with sex as you probably didn’t see before. In those moments and scenes, this porn star speaks both English and Spanish, which gives to each scene an additional touch of mystery and insolence.

In the first year of her career, she made more than 40 films, because they all fell in love with this beauty with incredible speed. Her first film was released on the website Kink and it was immediately clear that she started to walk on the path of success. This film was voted as one of the best that are shown in the series Public Disgrace. She has never chosen the means to get hold of glory, jynx-maze-sexy-bodyand even at the very beginning she was ready to do everything. Deservedly she received the title of youngest girl who is a true Ass master, and thus attracted a lot of attention. She has made many dirty scenes and won the hearts of many fans.

Why is Jynx so irresistible?

This fiery girl easily fits Gangbang variants, the strong performance of anal sex, double penetration, as well as many other variants that her colleagues rarely want to try. That is why all the big production houses like Naughty America, Hustler, Brazzers, Evil Angel and many others often hire Jynx to work for them. She gives all of herself in front of the cameras to meet your the hunger in your eyes and that is why she is very popular.

What are her positions?

When we look her position on various sites, we clearly see that this Latino girl has about 60,000 fans. Throughout the world she holds a very strong position on the lists with the ranking of porn star, so in the world she is on the 7th place. One place ahead jinx-maze-big-assbelongs to her when it comes to North America, so you will find her here in position number 6. In the country where she was born, which is USA, she ranks high 5th place. Jynx Maze has thousands of films and works incredibly fast on the set of new ones, so she will always surprise you with something new and perhaps more naughty.

Join the fan club

Once you watch some of the movies with this fantastic girl, you will always want to see her on your screen. It is best to join a fan club, which you can see in a big number. If initially it is hard for you to remember her, you will definitely have some help thanks to her prominent tattoos that should not be able to forget.

A beautiful Jynx Maze is waiting just for you, because remember, every porn star loves his audience and her fans. Show that you care about her, and who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough sometimes in your life to meet her and fulfill your greatest sexual fantasies.

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