Mia Khalifa

Refreshments from Lebanon

Directly from Lebanon great pornographic refreshment arrives. Fantastic and horny Mia Khalifa was able to rapidly conquer the hearts of all lovers of pornography. She appeared in October 2014 and in a short time brought thousands sighs around the Internet. She is different from the others because she comes from a Muslim country where strict laws and rules of behavior of women apply. While she is on one hand for her country someone who is not worthy to be a member of their community, on the other side, many people have a totally opposite opinion. All those who enjoy pornographic scenes are totally crazy for this naughty girl, so she soared to the sky with the speed of light.

A period of growing up and early life

mia khalifa porn starBeautiful Mia was born in Beirut, Lebanon on February 10, 1993 and at the age of 21 she came to the porn scene. In 2000, with her family, she moved to Montgomery Country, Maryland in USA. There she finished her school and got her basic education when she finished Northwest High School. Although, maybe most of you thought that she remained in secondary education only and probably led a hard life, the truth is different. This girl was very successful in education and graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso. During her education she received the degree of Bachelor of Arts in history. Her family was Catholic, but Mia ceased to strictly respect the rules of Catholic life, considering that she started to deal with pornography.

It is good to know that she is married. She was married, even before she started her career, and that happened in February 2011 when she turned 18. This is not good news for her fans, but at least all of us can enjoy the videos.

Fantastic natural look

Mia Khalifa is the stage name of this pornographic actress. After finishing school, she worked at a fast food restaurant and this is exactly the place where she received an offer to enter into the world of pornography and try out her luck to become famous and desirable worldwide.

Her body is very interesting and seductive. She is high only 1.57 meters and has 55 kg, which makes her nice shaped and not so skinny girl. Her curves are remarkable, because this girl has a large natural breasts, which is impossible not to notice. In addition, that she has big tits, it is important to say that she has very large and juicy nipples. Just nipples are something that is very seductive and interesting on the body of a girl who looks absolutely fantastic.

The rampant success and achievements

mia khalifa storyAlthough she appeared in October 2014, in only two months, at the end of December, she reached enormous popularity. Although she stopped to talk with her parents because of the work she does, her efforts did not remain unrewarded. The Pornhub site released the announcement that after just two months of her work, Mia Khalifa reached first place on their website. According to their words, Mia should attain and surpass in popularity retired Lisa Ann. In a period of just two months, she failed to achieve more than 1.5 million views and thus came into the focus of the public.

What kind of future she should expect?

When it comes to Mia Khalifa, it is almost entirely expected that she will have a bright and successful future. It is enough to look at her very interesting face with prominent eyebrows and eyes that seemed to smile and you will immediately fall in love with this girl. Her smile will brighten your day, because her big mouth reveals beautiful teeth that are like pearls strung one to another. When all this is added to the fact that this beauty has a great looking body and that she is very good at what she does, this girl will definitely stay long in leadership positions in this industry.

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