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18GayPassport Review

Site Overview

Are you up for changing things up a bit, especially when it comes to your selection of porn? Yeah, I would think that you are, as there are many sites that have made things as boring as they can be, with all the repetitive content. They are quite the boring sites, but, you can make things that much better, if you just visit something new. There is a site that is called 18GayPassport, and it has a ton of content for you. It is actually a mega-site, and what that means, is that you will be getting a ton of content, from more than just one site, so all your gay dreams will come true, with this site.

Design & Features

The thing that is amazing about it is that you can find a ton of content even on the home page, as the site tries to impress you from the first moment when you arrive to the home page.  The site really has a lot of stuff to show you, and that makes it that much better than all the other sites, as it strives to show you the content before you join, from all the sites, too. The site has a nice gray banner at the top of the page, which shows you the sites that you get to see, and their logos, as well as the logo of this site.

Their previews are to be found below, and their names go in this order, Gay Cinema Club, Go Go Twinks, 3D Boyfriends, Impossible Gay Cocks, Gay Amateurs Club, Euro Twinks Club, Yaoi Place, and Gay Sexposed. All of them have different content, from regular gay videos, to the first timers, as well as the twinks, both those are from Europe. The site also includes two animated sites, which have nice gay porn, bringing you creativity as well as a portion of your favorite anime characters. There are truly unique things here, but, you have to join to get them all. You also get to use the site’s great bandwidth, which makes things that much easier for you, in terms of both browsing and in terms of opening the videos. The site also has a great mobile version, one that enables you to be portable with your gay porn. Yes, you can be anywhere in the world and still have fun with the gay guys.

Guys & Videos

The videos are amazing, and they have fun in the regular ways, and in some kinky ways. With regular anal sex and blowjobs, you can really get aroused, but that is not all, as you also get to enjoy some kinky stuff, when the animated videos kick in, and they do indeed have quite the sex to show you.

The resolution of both the animated ones and the realistic ones is great, as you get the details to be clear, in that crisp HD resolution. The videos number over 860, spanning across all the sites. They last for about 15 minutes a piece, and you can download them in the MP4 format. The site also has over 8000 photos, which you can also look at and download, if you should so please. The photos come in the ZIP format.


There is a lot of fun to be had on this site, and you have to give it a visit if you want to branch out a bit and if you truly want to see high quality gay porn, regardless of your preference for men. The site gives you 8 other sites and it is called 18GayPassport, so be sure to check it out.


Videos More than 860 Videos
Pics More than 8.000 Pictures
Download Available
Categories gay, hardcore, cartoon

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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