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21Sextreme Review

Site Overview

The 21Sextreme is a site where you can enjoy hardcore porn videos with heavy elements included, covering dozens of porn niches, which we usually consider as heavy hardcore niches. As the nasty side of the 21Sextury, this porn network has something kinky, and nasty for you to enjoy, and if you like hardcore sex with lots of dirtiness, then you will surely enjoy browsing through this spectacular network. Those who don’t know, the 21Sextury is a highly appraised porn network, featuring mostly European models, and offering the viewers that nasty Euro-spiced porn they seek.

The 21Sextreme is a sidekick of the mainstream network, and it has everything that they don’t dare to publish there. This exceptional network consists of 13 hardcore sites, each focusing on at least one heavy niche. The network’s hub launched in 2011, but the included sites are somewhat older, so you can enjoy here the products of years of daily updates. At this time, there are more than 7,000 videos available for you, covering all of the heavy niches you may dream of, including BDSM, fisting, matures and a lot more. Everything you can get in the members’ zone is exclusive, they were shot usually for the sole purpose of enriching the sites’ collection. You can hardly find any of them on other sites, and since it’s a daily updated network, you will also find it quite hard to watch everything… which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Design & Features

The home page of the 21Sextury is just plain simple. There are dozens of thumbnails listed, and you can see a banner with the network’s features. Apart from the standstills, you can see some GIFs playing, and they are the only trailer-like things you can get here. If you head into the members’ area, you will find yourself in front of a nicely built webpage. There are several menus, and many ways to navigate. The upper section of the page features the site-wide and account-related menus. Here you can access the bonuses, like the live cams, the community features and the rest. There is a keyword-based search bar to help you find your ways. A side-menu on the left features the list of the included sites, so you can switch with a click. There are streaming options granted if you are looking for quick fun without making any fuss about it. The in-browser access is possible through a Flash-stream with up to 720p resolution. This is quite good, but the download options are better: there are hundreds of 1080p videos available. Every video has a matching set of vidcap galleries, which you can even save in zip format.

Girls & Videos

The female models on the 21Sextreme are really varied, and they are all fitting the main niches of the different sites in the network. Though there are pages which aren’t focusing on different women-type (they offer BDSM for example), as a member, you can enjoy the wide range of hot models, provided by the bastards behind this dark network. Since there are mostly heavy hardcore niches covered by the network sites, it’s only expected to realize that every model here is professional. These chicks (and the guys neither) are all hard pros doing their job as they must every day. While others are serving hamburgers a fast-food restaurant or sit an office all day, these folks are fucking and get fucked at their workplaces.

There are more than 3,000 different models here. Though they are usually Europeans, you can enjoy here a nice ethnic variety too, since there are Latina and Asian cuties too. Since it’s a whole network you are joining if you join the site, you can find many of them in multiple heavy hardcore scenarios. All ages are present with both the male and the female actors, since there are hot fresh meats with tight body and nice shapes, while you can also enjoy the misdoings of matures and grannies (and grandpas) who might not be so fresh, but they are still juicy. What happens in these videos should remain between you and those. The 21Sextreme claims that it’s the dark side of the 21Sextury, and as you will notice, that’s just perfectly true. There is no video in the collection that doesn’t feature something nasty and kinky.

The first thing you might see (even on the tour page) that there are three main heavy niches covered: sex with people with decades of age-difference, BDSM and femdom. The first category is quite evident, because in the videos of this type, you can watch as dirty grandpas are banging hot, fresh girls until they run out of breath. Naturally, it works the other way around, so some grandmas are also getting their fair share of cock. When it comes to dark places and women getting what they deserve, the BDSM is the first thing that comes in mind. If you thought that the BDSM videos of the US were hard, wait until you see these. It’s all staged of course, but tears don’t lie, and what’s hard is quite hard. Though the femdom videos doesn’t feature ropes and stuff, these girls are really mean when they get the chance. You will see that they are not just bad with their man, but their fellow women have to do things they don’t wanted to.


The 21Sextury is one of those networks which are recommended for only a number of people. Since these sites cover only heavy and kinky elements, you should join it in case you are really looking for this kind of porn. However, these are mainstream videos, so they are that badly dirty, but if you can’t stand to watch grandmas fucked, or you find it too nasty when old blokes fuck fresh chicks, you shouldn’t consider it. Those who give it a try, will probably find it a really good deal, especially when they start exploring the dirtiest corners. Since you can always add the main network, the 21Sextury to your account, you can have a literally unlimited resource of porn at your disposal.



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