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3dAdultComics portrays 3D animated characters who are engaging in different types of sexual activities.


3dAdultComics Review

Site Overview

When it comes to enjoying interesting cartoons, we prefer to crawl under a comfortable blanket, grab a box of cheerios and ensure that we are overly comfortable and ready for the laughter and pleasure that comes with it. There is no doubt that this is comfort for many of us but today, I introduce to you a different type of cartoon site. Of course, this content is for adults only and it features a lot of nudity and masturbation, at least this will be the end result for you. When you get to visit the site, you will find it very hard to differentiate between these animated characters and real human models. This is because the site does a great job of making you forget that the characters here are a work of a pencil and drawing board. The talent that runs through the site is evident and you will truly appreciate the entertainment that it brings you.

The content on 3DAdultComics is centered on 3D hardcore comic books and animation characters tapping into their sexy and kinky sides, literary. The site represents all fetishes and specifically the Anime porn niche. As the site is under the SextronixNetwork, you can always be assured that you will get the best form of entertainment. Members who are also part of Flintier Passport can also freely access this site. 3DAdultComics has been able to steal the spotlight from all other anime sites. Even though 3D porn is not for everyone, it is impossible to deny the kink and excitement that this site has to offer. Once you sign up, there is no looking back because the action on this site’s pages is simply addictive.

The graphics on 3DAdultComics are spectacular. As we have already discussed, there is only a minimal difference between the 3D characters that are found here and real life models. The only difference is that they have the biggest tits and the deepest pussies that would not be possible in human life. The action that you will find on other sites is only a fraction of what 3DAdultComics has in store for you. You simply have to clear your computer of all the trash and make space for the action that this adult site has to offer. It’s no wonder 3D movies are so popular in the office! It would be absolutely impossible to live without such good entertainment. When you watch these animated characters in action, you will have to take control of your libido. Your cock will be hard as a glass bottle and if you are a kinky kind of woman, your pussy will be dripping wet. You should make the most of the entertainment that you enjoy on this platform because such viewing pleasure only comes once in a while. This site is here to spice things up for you. It can get off whenever you desire. 3DAdultComics is a thrilling site. It overly delivers on all ends of the spectrum. Members can also enjoy extras such as flash games and pinups which come as a sign-up bonus.

Design & Features

3DAdultComics is not a beautiful site because the characters on the site were not designed with beauty in mind, they simply got out together to get the job done and they do. First, you will be able to enjoy recent updates on the members’ area. This makes it easy to keep up with the update schedule on this site. The videos are tagged with an upload date, a rating and a thumbnail that automatically leads you to the site galleries if you clock on it. 3DAdultComics comprises of 518 videos that can be downloaded in MP4 or flash format. The site has an abundance of images for you to enjoy as there are 2,200+ galleries that have 25 pictures each. Members can also make the most of the third party feeds and bonus sites that bring you extra content when you desire.

Girls & Videos

The female characters on 3DAdultComics are something straight from your dreams. There is no doubt that you will enjoy all that they have to offer. They have really stacked a lot of surprises that await you as soon as you click the videos on the site. They absolutely love flaunting their bodies for you to see just how much they are ready for pleasure and we simply have to oblige. They show you that they are capable of giving you much-needed sexual healing when you need it. They flash their boobs, show off their anal holes and even insert their fingers deep inside their pussies. The animes behave just like real porn stars would on set, bearing in mind that they are ready to give you good enjoyment. They have bodies that comprise of different colors such as red and green.

The site’s artists were quite precise on how they wanted the characters to look and they surely delivered. When they strike a pose, you would think that they own the entire world especially because they have a level of confidence that cannot be surpassed. In HD quality scenes, you will not miss a moment of the action even if you try. Each character has a unique attribute that makes them stand out. Be it green or yellow hair, extra-large boobs, hips that sway or an overly gorgeous face, you have to remember them for the amazement that they let you relish in.


I find myself going back time without number to ensure that I have not missed anything new on the site. 3DAdultComics brings true value for entertainment. The action is realistic, the scenes are on point and the artistic know-how is out of these world. As all of these great factors are put together brilliantly for you. That is why I wonder how you could second guess signing up to this site. Don’t overthink it, just go with it.



Videos More than 518 Videos
Pics More than 2.200 Picture Sets
Download Available
Categories hardcore, 3D

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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