40InchPlus Review



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40InchPlus has plenty of round and firm asses that will blow your mind.


40InchPlus Review

Site Overview

If you want firm and round asses that come in 40 inches and more, they are just easy to find. All you have to do is visit 40InchPlus and you’re on the journey of pure sexual delight and entertainment. Big butts are porn models’ asset, and so they say. What can you say when you got a hot Latina on your screen, being fucked like hell and still begging for more? Well, you might want to check on your crotch, man! Here at 40InchPlus, you would see perfect bodies and amazing sex performances. With a strict standard for porn beauties, the site is comprised of the most stunning and most gorgeous porn models of today. From a brown tease to a naughty white blond, your type of climax channel is here. If you think the videos here are just overstatement, enter the site and see for yourself.

Design & Features

For 40InchPlus, quality always comes first before quantity. Right now, the site offers 3100 videos. Based on numbers, it appears as an average porn site when it comes to content. However, fans are flooding the site because of the excellent quality of all the videos. Splendidly displayed on the homepage is three perfect butts of naughty and game models. Just under the teaser comes the arrangement of videos with screen caps that are very hot and tempting. You can see one liner titles that promises thousands of sexual pleasure. The models are usually bent over with their naked asses and stretched anal holes along with a tape measure to prove the size of their amazing assets.

The collection of videos is divided into pages and you can see options for the recent, the most viewed and the top rated scenes. There are no irrelevant links on the site and the menu will take you directly to what it describes. Inside the site, there is a button that will redirect you to all Reality King porn collection. If you’re a veteran in porn watching, you instantly know that this network will give you nothing but the hottest and wildest scenes in the Internet—from gay and lesbian porn to amateur and hard core, interracial and threesomes—all that you need to spice up your sex life is here.

Girls & Videos

The majority of the video comes in high quality—with the rest having good visual quality as well. They are available for online streaming and come in two video formats. There is also an option for download, should you want to watch them over and over again. The models are given a separate page and they’ve got sexy pictures to capture your interest. They come in all colors and they have different ways to pose and give you a hard on. Their naughty smiles and perfect curves are excellently captured by the camera. Man, you might have a hard time to decide who’s the hottest among them.

So if you’re a tit guy, feast yourself on curvy hotties who wants nothing but to boast their delicious assets and to be fucked by giant cocks anytime and anywhere. Their very fine asses are dancing sexily on the screen before a sizzling fucking takes the rest of the video. How about some real nice booty shaking, my man? Watch out for the teasing game as the naughty models are hunting for cocks and using their 40InchPlus booties to their advantage. No man in his right mind could ever say no to these nasty beauties who can take pounding even all day and night! Their horny bodies seem insatiable! You can see it in the way they suck cocks and the way they bent over like a dog to be fucked real deep and hard! So what are you waiting for?


There are solo scenes that highlight the advantage of having extra curves in places and their masturbation skill can dry your throat. From the blowjob scene to one on one to threesome and down to group sex, everything that’s rough and wild is waiting for you here at 40InchesPlus. And of course, take advantage of the bonus porn sites inside. Aside from having a sexually satisfied journey, you are rest assured that everything you invest is more than worth it!



Videos More than 3.000 Videos
Pics More than 3.000 Picture Galleries
Download Available
Categories hardcore, anal, blowjobs, threesome, group sex

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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