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40SomethingMag is the right place to enjoy horny and sexy MILFs in incredible hardcore performances.


40SomethingMag Review

Site Overview

Experience is everything. It is said that practice makes the master. That is true, a master chef with years of experience would certainly do better than a rookie trainee; a master guitar player would play guitar a lot better than a guy that picked up his first guitar just a couple weeks ago. Mastery takes patience, practice and a lot of commitment. You can also certainly say that a woman with years of sexual experience will be a lot better in bed than a first timer girl. 40somethingmag is the site that will show just how much advantage older women have over the ones that are just starting.

Design & Features

40somethingmag is one of the best-looking sites we have ever seen, it displays so much info in such a little piece of space but it never feels like the content is cluttered or place one on top of the other. Developers and designers have found a way to display the content in an easy and digestible manner, without taking any sense of complexity or trying to feel the user as stupid for not knowing what to do. The interface is what we call user-friendly to the max, and the layout is incredibly well thought out. It is quite an achievement. The site offers a number of menus that will help the user to find the content they are looking for in the best and fastest way possible.

For example, by using the “Video” menu, the user will be able to browse all the videos that have even been uploaded onto the site, all videos are also organized by categories; anal, threesomes, lesbian, hardcore, gangbangs, you name it, just click on whatever kind of video you want to watch and it will take you there. The “Photo” menu, works just the same but instead of the catalog of videos you will be taken to a collection of galleries, each gallery containing an incredible number of High-Quality pictures, most of them taken straight from exclusive photo shoots made for the videos. The “Girls” menu, in this case, called the “MILF” menu, will let you browse through the collection of MILFs that, 40somethingmag, has ready for you. This way you will be able to find that special woman that stole your heart and go straight to any piece of content featuring her. It is really helpful. Older women do not mean older technology and 40somethingmag is well aware of that. Thus, the site has taken upon themselves the challenge of being up to date with the latest advances in technology, that will help the site itself to grow each day more and more. 40somethingmag has deployed an amazing mobile platform to help the users by having complete access to their content at anytime and anyplace. All mobile devices, be it a mobile phone or a tablet are compatible with the service. All operating systems are also compatible; Windows, iOS, Android, it does not matter.

Girls & Videos

These are some absolutely stunning MILFs we have here, they might be older than the next door girl but they are still hot and even hotter than so many other women out there. All videos come in beautiful Full HD 1080p image resolution which is amazing, productions values are high and to make it more special, all content is exclusive to the site, videos also have an average running time of 30 minutes and some go beyond that. Being able to download in multiple formats and stream the videos if that is more convenient to you are just some of the amazing features you will find at 40somethingmag.


With some amazing content and even better membership prices, 40somethingmag is the place for you to enjoy of some really hardcore MILF action, buy you membership now. You will not be disappointed.


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