AfricanCasting Review



AfricanCasting offers authentic African Amateur sex entertainment that will make you wish to join the casting.


AfricanCasting Review

Site Overview

If you are an ardent porn fun, you know that African porn remains, largely untapped. African Casting is your chance to savor African girls in the suck with a white casting agent in raw form. It is a piece of African porn like no other. The girls are featured in clear movies on the set. They show up in clothes but are soon captured deep in erotic encounters, sucking cock and eating cum.

Design & Features

The home page is filled with a host of user-friendly features. The drop down menu allowed me to sample the services available at a glance. There is, even, a list of categories with various entertainment options. Some of the categories on the menu include Amateur, Big Ass, Big Tits, Big Cumshots and more. I could even use the search tool to access the content that I wished to sample. The basic search feature is impressively functional and effective. I could key in a category and begin to sample what I asked for in a flash.

Mobile users have a reason to smile when they join the platform. I could sample the content on both mobile phone and tablet. The content has been genuinely optimized for mobile devices. All the content on the platform is exclusive and this adds value to the service. We all like exclusivity, especially when you have to part with bucks to access content. African Casting also gives you a bonus access site in the name of African Fuck Tour. The bonus site provides both complementary and extra content.

I should mention at this point that when you subscribe to African Casting, you are provided with content from the two sites simultaneously. I liked the fact that I could still sort the content and focus on African Casting content by selecting the category from the channel list. There is a monthly update schedule that makes sure that you have fresh content on regular basis. The update usually involves multiple scenes at once. Users can stream videos but can’t download. There are extra videos and the bonus site content to make up for the lack of downloads still.

Girls & Videos

One of the first things to catch my eye when I visited the videos provided on African Casting was the juicy African bum. The models are clearly hot, sexy and irresistible. The scenes make you, really, envy the casting dude. The African cuties, firstly, appear in their clothes. You are provided with some information regarding them and taken straight to the action zone thereafter. The cuties soon drop their clothes and show you their endowments.

I must admit that I was already smothered by the sheer beauty and the seductive features. The girls are captured in their nude, close to the camera. The white dude is sucked by the girls until he moans with pleasure. I was also treated to more entertainment variety, with the girls captured in scenes as they are screwed between their boobs. You are also shown some facials and anal sex.

The videos show you images of girls being rammed by the white dude from a range of sex positions. There are about 40 flicks to savor from the platform. Each scene plays for an average of 30 minutes. Although the videos are not HD, you will still enjoy the great quality playback.


African Casting provides you with a rare opportunity to enjoy African models in the sack. The interracial sex and the touch of amateur performances make it a valid choice for me. The videos come in full-length. Thus, you have sufficient time to enjoy your favorite scenes. I also noticed that the scenes are regularly updated.


Videos More than 40 Videos
Pics No Pictures
Download Not Available
Categories black, interracial, amateur

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