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AmateurPornHunt Review

Site Overview

After having a full blast of watching professional porn stars and some heated Hollywood sex scenes, one should develop a kind of hunger for the legit or real kind of sex. You know, the ones where the couples fuck for real! And especially when there’s a camera rolling! Once those hot girls have a taste of being filmed and getting fucked hardcore for the very first time are one of the best scenes ever. So finding a site that has harbored all the legit first time cams of all amateur videos and first time fuckers is a real find! The site’s name is Amatuerpornhunt. I guess the name says it all ladies and gentlemen. What porn lovers usually don’t realize is that there is some Amateur porn that is starred by Pro Amateurs.

Pro Amateurs are porn stars that also deliver amateur like porn scenes but way much better. They’ve mastered giving you the satisfaction of legit love making and real cums and orgasms as if it were the girl’s first time! You can find all these and more in Amatuerpornhunt. Now that I’ve told you about the basics of this site, it’s time to delve even deeper. You see, this site is filled with girls from all walks of life. Some of them get fucked in uniforms, while at work, inside their study building and more! It’s so exhilarating seeing these girls getting stripped off their dignity inside the very place where their pride shines the most! So you better get your eyes ready! Co’z you’re in for a trip!

Design & Features

Upon entering the website, you’ll be welcomed by this cover pic that just depicts how new these amateurs are to the business. These pretty awesome girls will be seen touching themselves, with eyes of uncertainty, some even have POV screen captures and some girls that are just aching to get fucked. I hope they know what they’re getting themselves into. And I guess I can’t ignore the pink color theme, just perfect for the site’s theme all around. Another thing I like about the site is that they arranged all the most recent uploads and made sure it is featured in the homepage. So the videos you’re seeing under the cover pic are actually the latest uploads already. So if you’re wondering where to find the new ones, you won’t have any difficulty. And hey, you can even arrange the new uploads by ratings and popularity.

Makes the job a whole lot easier. Scrolling down a bit, you’ll see the previews of these amazing girls. Even to the point where you’d want to fuck them yourselves. But, believe it or not, in this site you’ll get to see these girls First Castings! I’m not joking here guys. These preview videos are featuring girls that were just helplessly amazing in their first ever film. Take Ana for example. She wore a studying outfit and got fucked pretty hard on top of the teacher’s desk. I mean really hard, like earthquake hard! The desk was moving like crazy! Also there’s Irena. She’s like the most destroyed girl when it comes to missionaries. I don’t know, maybe she’s scared or something because she gives this kind of panicked look when hardcore begins in missionary, you should totally watch it!

However, after seeing lots of previews and top rated videos, you start missing the fact that there are actually other videos in this site that are underrated, that’s why I advise you to visit the archived content from time to time because it has all the videos stored in one place. It even gives you all the tools you need to pinpoint the video you want to see. If the sorting tools don’t help, well you can always you the optimized keyword search. This site doesn’t use related word search and makes sure the results accurately shows only the words you searched for. But what should really astound you by the way is the bonus content of this website. Man, I haven’t seen bonuses like these for a while now. If ever you become a member of this site, make sure you don’t forget that you have 12 other sites waiting for you for free! The Pimp Passport network will be giving away all the websites from their network straight into your hands! So this includes sites that are categorized in hentai, girl to girl, amateurs, annals, Asians, Handjobs, blowjobs and more!

Girls & Videos

One thing you should remember. Is that amateur porn videos always comes with girls with a lot of diversities? Why? Because it’s like an audition. So the producers won’t filter them that much yet. That’s why in Amateurpornhunt, you’ll be seeing girls with big tits, others with tight ones, lesbians, interracial, threesomes, brunettes, blondes, redheads, Asians, girls who like softcore and others who like hardcore. All these girls coming together to show you one hell of a show! Now, we all know this’d be worthless if the video quality is crap right? So this site’s going overboard when it comes to resolutions and quality. I know you’ve heard of 720p right? Maybe even 1080p right? But I doubt you’ve heard about the 4,200p resolution! Yeah man, this site has the largest resolution in the porn industry to date! You can download the video and play it in the biggest screen you’ve got over there and still have a clear quality. Speaking of download, you can download as many videos as you want and in any of the four available formats you’d prefer.


To wrap it up, Amateurpornhunt is no surprise, the best when it comes to the amateur porn genre. No other website could invest so much as this one has. The girls are just stunning and so naïve, the video quality and content are satisfyingly superb, and the website’s features and bonuses are way off the roof! I can’t find a single thing that would cause disappointment to the members, that’s why I can easily recommend this to anyone reading this review! A perfect rating from me!


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