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AsianSexDiary Review

Site Overview

The Asian Sex Diary is a sex travelogue. John, the protagonist, is by nature a tourist and he chronicles all the sex rendezvous and erotic adventures which he has come in contact with in his time in the Asian continent. The concept of this website is similar to the Swift’s master piece Gulliver Travels. He too just like John come across different islands and gets himself involved in the adventures which come his way. However on comparing both the journeys, 9 out of 10 people would prefer John’s expeditions over Gulliver and there is no points for guessing why. The website which he presents before us not just talks about the various foods and beautiful places in Asia, but also the erotic enjoyments which he has gotten from those places. In fact when I examined the website properly I found that he uses the aforementioned references to woo a smoking Asian woman and take her to his hotel or room to have sex with her. Asian women are known for their beautiful looks and in this website you are going to get some really attractive Asian chicks whom John seduces. Simply speaking, the website Asian Sex Diary is about how John interacts with different girls from different parts of Asia and ensnares them to suck his cock and ride on it actively.

The website really appealed to me when I visited it for the first time. At the head of the home page you will find several options such as monthly agendas, conquests, my weekly diary and also my trophies. The website also gives you a wonderful mix of tutorials, blogs and videos. There is another interesting option which is “This week’s diary” which provides you information about where John was and what he did. In some instances you will find John interacting with a woman who declines his request of having sex with him and so for those occasions, he just makes a gallery of pictures. When you click on the agenda option, you will find out exactly when certain events took place- John chats with a girl over Facebook or cam2cam. In those conversations he lays down his interests of having sex with them and filming the entire thing for his website and if a girl agrees to this request, you will find him taking her out to some restaurant and eventually into his hotel or room to rub bodies with her. In the trophies section you will know about the number of girls who he has been successful in having sex with.

The website is unique in its concept and because of its exclusivity; it has managed to catch the attention of numerous people. When I visited the website I found there were over 500 videos along with suitable captions to make it appealing. But the best thing which I found with this website is that along with the hot and erotic sex which John engages in, there are also lots of tips and information conveyed if say you too want to lead a life just like John’s. The website educates you in many ways about how to be as successful as John. So if you want to get the experience which I had during my time in the website, just visit the website and better yet apply for membership.

Design & Features

If you visit the website for the first time, you will find the website is quite big in size. There are lots of materials inside the home page and some of the pictures will leave you awestruck. All the important menus and categories are clearly displayed at the top of the home page and with just a single click you can check any part of the site you wish to. In terms of the design, you will find that all the materials are properly arranged. Not for once will you get the impression that the website is clogged or overcrowded. There is a calendar which will keep you updated with the latest additions to the site. Plus you will find that there ample interactivity with the site’s designers. You will also get lots of information about the shoot locations and the contents.

If you want to become a member of the website, you can do that in a few simple steps. You will have to click on the members region which is present atop the home page. As you click you will be taken directly to the sign up place. There you will find a place where you have to enter some of your important information. Plus that very page will also have all the subscription packages which the website offers. Select the one which seems convenient for you and submit the request. Instantly the website will send out a confirmation and as you receive that your account tenure will be activated.

Girls & Videos

If you dig Asian pussies, then you are in for a treat. The website provides you plenty of hot Asian girls to jerk of. John travels around, introduces himself to some of the hottest girls in that region, takes them out for dinner and ensnares them to suck his cock and take his cum-shots. The girls you will find are from some of the most active places of Asia namely- Japan, Pattaya, Cambodia, China, Indonesia and many more. Another note-worthy thing here is that the girls which John fucks are real women and not porn stars. The fuck sessions are great and make way for great viewing.

The videos which you will get here is also of supreme quality. They are shot in various locations thereby giving some sights and scenes of those places along with the main action. However one thing which is extremely disappointing is that those stunning videos cannot be downloaded and kept as priced possessions. They have to be viewed directly online using a flash video player. However the videos can be streamed in different devices, which is a relief! The pictures are also vibrant and clear.


The Asian Sex Diary is the perfect forum to enjoy hard-core fucking with real Asian girls. The videos are clear with superb sound quality, the website is easily navigable and the girls whom John fucks are smoking hot. Plus along with all this, you will also find a wealth of essential information regarding how to lead the kind of life John does. It’s all right here folks, in Asian Sex Diary. So set up an account immediately.



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