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On AvTits you have the great sex, the gorgeous girls, and the amazing quality rolled into one.


AVTits Review

Site Overview

Japanese porn sites are hot on the market right now and where I am from, this is exactly how I feel and what I see. Ever since getting into reviewing porn sites, I have come across a lot of Japanese porn sites that seem really hot until you get caught by the censorship and the likes. I mean, what is that about? Isn’t porn supposed to be for the sake of watching naked girls and all their glory? Sans the censors, I mean. How am I supposed to enjoy my hot Asian porn when I just see unnecessary mosaic being plastered all over my favorite girl’s pussy? Nevertheless, there are so many things wrong and right with some porn sites and nowadays, it is just a little hard finding the right one for us. But not all porn sites were made equal and there are also a lot out there that exceeds your expectation.

Take, for example, AVTits. AV generally means ‘Adult Videos’ and this one right here is a great Asian porn site that features tons of Japanese chicks with really gorgeous jugs, hence the “Tits” afterward. AVTits is being hosted by famous porn network JAV Bucks and has been around since July 2013. The site has been awarded a lot of times and it is not too hard to see why. Everything in here is a slice of heaven! Does the site offer delicious Asian girls, big tits, and hardcore sex – and the greatest thing about it? No censors or disturbing mosaics to annoy us! So, if you are new in the porn biz and want to try out really great porn sites that present really great breasts, then this Asian heaven is just right for you.

Design & Features

AVTits basically has a really great website design going on here. Aside from the minimalistic sort of theme they opted for, the arrangement is rather well kept and organized. AVTits’ user interface is convenient and can be easily operated without the tagging hassles that come with it. The site’s pattern and structure are precise, sleek, and well kept. The site’s navigation is not burdensome and is accessible, clear, and apparent. With how everything is put up, you will not be getting lost here any time soon.

With your membership, you can access every single thing that can be found inside but if you have not registered for a membership just yet, it is rather a great time to do so. You are missing out on a lot of great things because everything on this porn site is highly exclusive, therefore, you will not be able to find any of these on other sites. If you are a little hesitant in joining, you will be glad to know that there is three-day limited access for one buck but as mentioned, this one lasts for a mere three days and the things you get to see and watch here are completely limited. I reckon one to two videos and photo sets each.

If you are already a member, then good for you! Once you find yourself inside the site, you will immediately notice how orderly everything is. The links are found on the very top part of the site. I consider it the menu bar from hereon because it basically has all the most vital links like the home button, the videos button, the models button, the categories button, the sites button, and the support button. On the far right side of that menu bar, you can choose the language but there seems to be only English and Japanese at the moment.

The models button will prompt you to the models index and the categories button will basically give you a really thorough insight on what categories and niches are found on the site. On the bottom part of the menu bar, you will notice a banner with two distinct photos put up together like a collage. Under this, you get a throng of video thumbnails that when clicked will lead you to its corresponding video. There are tons of things to see and do here like the photo galleries, which the site has a high number of. You can also rate the videos, comment on them, and add them to your favorites later on.

There are enough browsing tools but the site does not have an advanced search bar. In addition, your AVTits membership will give you access to a number of other porn sites under the same network for free like AV Stockings, AV 69, Hey Outdoor, Lingerie AV, Gang AV, and many more. Do not forget to check those out because they are most likely one of the reasons why the site is an absolute must when it comes to subscribing.

Girls & Videos

Essentially, AVTits is a good place to find gorgeous Japanese girls with really gifted busts. Not all of them are gigantic though because I have seen a few girls with normal-sized melons – at least for me. One thing I noticed though is that all of these tits are in great shape. With AVTits, you get hot and busty ladies who love a good, hardcore fucking.

There are tons of videos on the site and that fact alone is mind-blowing. The majority of it is all in high definition and can be downloaded in different file formats, as well as watched in your browser using an embedded Flash player. There seems to be no download limit and everything here is rightfully exclusive. All the videos are titled and there is a definite time given as to how long the video runs. Unlike other Japanese adult sites, all the scenes here are most definitely uncensored, with so many other things to offer.


So, if you are the type of guy who loves Asian girls with really great tits, this site is the one for you. Not only do you get beautifully shaped breasts and gorgeous girls, but the sex you will be watching is also out of this world and really hardcore. What are you waiting for then? Go ahead, be a member, and enjoy everything in here.


Videos More than 1.000 Videos
Pics More than 1.000 Picture Sets
Download Available
Categories Asian, hardcore, big tits

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