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Bang is absolutely one of the best porn sites where you can enjoy a huge variety of hardcore videos.


Bang Review

Site Overview

Porn is something that I honestly could not live without. I think I am not afraid to admit that I always tune in to porn every single day of my life ever since I landed on one many years ago. It branched out to a fine point where I had to write reviews about them and I seriously loved it even more. A lot of you out there feel the same way and the reason for that is because porn liven us up each time we seem to have no time for anything else. It pleasures us and it helps us alleviate our sexual needs and tendencies.

With the many porn sites out there, it is a bit harder to find a site of quality and quantity. If you are looking for that kind of porn site, then you will surely love Bang. Like the name itself, this porn site comes with a bang and exits with a bang, if you know what I mean. Bang is basically a porn site inside a porn site and because of that, they seem to cater to a lot of different genres, themes, and so much more.

The site has been around for quite some time and is being operated and owned by Videos Z. Bang naturally hosts tons of other porn sites in different languages like Japanese. Truthfully, I have not encountered a porn site this huge and I totally cannot get over the fact that they give you almost everything in here. It feels like they squeezed every single good thing in this site and so much more. Bang definitely is a mixture of a lot of different genres like amateur sex, hardcore sex, and everything in between. When it comes to porn goodness, this porn site is an absolute favorite. Not only do they deliver great hardcore sex scenes, they also have the number to boast of.

Design & Features

Bang has a really busy website design going on but this is mainly because there are so much things to find here. I am pretty sure that they never really expected to grow so much and they just squeezed every single thing in there; nevertheless, the site is pretty much very easy to decipher despite the many things you can find there. With its black background, grey borders, and white font colors, it does not seem too cluttered at all. In fact, despite the amount of things being shoved here (pardon the pun), it still seems rather orderly.

The navigation here is pretty simple and the user interface is rather user friendly. The site is a pay site and in order for you catch and make use of all its features and watch all its videos, you will have to be a member of the site itself. There seems to be no trial version of the site. Once you have taken care of that, you can log in from the very top part of the site. From there on, you can input your user name and password to get in. Along with the log in button, you will notice the support button next to it. On the middle part of the same line, you will find an advanced search bar where you can input whatever category you are looking for.

The site hosts an endless variety of videos so this search bar will always be the most helpful thing you will ever come across. If you prefer browsing through everything else in here, you can find links on the left side of the site. You will get the links to their newest uploaded videos, their “best” videos, the categories that they have (from here, you can also search for stuff you want to explore), their model index labeled porn stars, their full length movies and the entire collection, their studios that they host, and just under these helpful links, they have other things like links to their other unique videos like their casting videos, their bopper videos, and their Japanese counterpart. Under this selection, you also get the channels they have and their live cams that actually come free once you are a member of the site.

The site also has a lot of photo sets that can be downloaded in zip files or individually. All these are in hi resolution. With your membership, you can comment on the videos, rate both the videos and the models, access the model index, add your preferred videos in your favorites, access the live cam shows, and a whole lot more. The updates are happening on the daily and there are tons of things added every single day, so far, I have caught up on 32 new uploads even as I am writing now. From here you get “total freedom” when it comes to watching porn and the many other things they offer.

Girls & Videos

Bang has over one hundred thousand videos and more. You will think that because of the crazy amount of videos they host in this site that they cannot keep up with quality around here; fortunately, the site values quality as well and has proven such with how amazing their videos look. With an amount this big, you are sure to enjoy your time and you will never run out of great stuff to watch because even before you finish a hundred videos per day, the amount of uploads that happens every single day is tremendous.

The quality that the site offers is amazing with a whopping 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and a slightly lower one of 1080p. The new ones even got that great 4K resolution that you will all be excited of. Majority of the videos here are in high definition with the older ones slightly of lower quality but still in decent form. Everything you will find in the site is exclusive and will not be finding anywhere else other than here.


If you want variety, quality, and content, then Bang is the perfect place to feed that sexual hunger. You will find amazing stuff here that you will not be finding anywhere else and a great number of gorgeous people to ogle at.


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