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BangMyTeenAss is the right place if you want to enjoy fresh chicks getting their ass holes banged hard.


BangMyTeenAss Review

Site Overview

I have to be honest this time, guys, I am going to be a bit biased with this review, and you will see why in a second, but at the same time it is pretty hard not to be, considering that we are going to be talking about one of the best and sweetest kinds of porn out there. Yeah, you guessed it, today we are going to be talking about chicks taking it up the ass. So let’s have a look at BangMyTeen (even the name gets me a little horny).

Design & Features

The content on this website is pretty well organized, and from what I understand this is a recent improvement. The website has a separate photo, video and models sections which makes it pretty easy to find what you want and to search the collections based on what you are most interested in. The design is very bright and cheerful, which is a little bit out of the ordinary for a fetish site, but considering the fact that the site is all about chicks, this choice of designs and colors makes sense because it plays very well into the appearance of innocence the site is supposed to have.

The website theme is pretty straightforward and simple which is great for a porn site, and as soon as you enter the site and scroll down past the cover image (so to speak) you can immediately see what the latest updates are and what I think is really great is that there are about 6 thumbnail images for each video to give you a very good idea of what the model looks like as well as a general idea of the particular video, but what I thought was really great was the fact that each video also has a synopsis of the action in the video with a little story behind it. BangMyTeen Ass has a kind of mobile version of the site but which realistically looks exactly like the full scale desktop version which in a lot of ways is really good because it makes for an easy transition.

Girls & Videos

If it wasn’t already obvious enough, this website is all about the asses. The tighter and more sensitive the better. All the girls are primarily tight chicks who are supposed to be barely their majority age and more often than not giving up their sweet little assholes up for the first time, letting some well hung stud to pop their anal cherry on camera. All the girls are about 19 years old, really cute and have great bodies. The only thing I would improve on is maybe also including their last names because the girls are registered on the website with a first name only, so if anyone takes a liking to a particular girl and would like to see her in something else, it would be pretty hard to do since you don’t even know exactly what girl to look for.

All the videos and images are available for download for members and you also have the option of just streaming, without saving the video. At the moment, there are over 90 videos available on the site, usually around 25 minutes long, but there are also some DVDs to keep you entertained if you have already seen all the videos, until more content is uploaded. The videos can be downloaded in MP4 format at pretty good resolutions. Members can also download the picture galleries on the site, about 76 in total, with somewhere around 100 pictures each in neat zip folders. Members of BangMyTeen Ass also get access to bonus sites and content, which is always a plus.


BangMyTeen Ass is definitely worth a try if you are into anal and chicks or if you have a preference for watching girls give that ass up for the first time, otherwise, you might be best suited finding a different type of content, but if you do enjoy this type of porn, then BangMyTeen Ass is definitely a must.



Videos More than 90 Videos
Pics More than 7.000 Pictures
Download Available
Categories hardcore, anal

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