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BearFilms gives you some of the horniest fat dudes performing the most exciting gay actions.


BearFilms Review

Site Overview

Big, fatty, hairy and horny dick suckers, these are the things you will see once you enter the gay porn site called BearFilms. As the name sounds, expects that these horny gay dudes are big, fatty and horny gays with tits. See them how they let go the homosexual in them as they swallow, suck and fuck each other’s asses nice and slowly. These big fat homo fuckers will show you how nasty and crazy they can be when having sex with their fella fatty gay bitches. I understand that you are hiding your homosexuality from this pejorative world. Trust me, I know lots of big fat gay fuckers who hide their identity. But sooner or later, their lustful craving break loose and they raise hell as they fucked asses and suck those meaty cocks.

Design & Features

There are so many hairy and fat guys included on the set. I can’t even notice that these guys are craving for a man to man sex until I see them in action once you scroll down the page. Honestly speaking, I thought that I’ve clicked the wrong site. I thought the site is kind of niche featuring big badass bikers. I see lots of guys in tattoos and I could hardly notice that they are gays. Since most of these homosexual guys are fat, they make the most out of their tits for pleasure. Some would even bite and suck the hell out of someone’s nipple and I presume they like it even more. The videos are presented in thumbnails where you can get the duration of the film, the action involved and how the homo big fatties looked like.

When you scroll down a bit more, you will see some kind of video clip video in GIF form which will give you the idea of the things you will see once you go inside. Most of them look like a wrestler to me. Not to mention that their tattoos are really intimidating. Surprisingly, they do not prefer to be with hot and beautiful girls. Instead, they prefer to fuck with another man. It really does look like a bear fight to me not until they kiss each other and fuck each other’s up. There are also old horny gay dudes that are craving for meaty cocks. There are more than 400 films presented nicely and decently. Yet, again the work decent will depend on your preferences. Most of the ass fuck penetration involves condoms and sometimes lubricants. These films can be watched through streaming and downloads.

When it comes to the quality, the films are offered from average, above average and full HD quality. You can use many kinds of video formats including windows media, MP4 and flash for streaming. There will be the man to man ass fuck, lots of blowjobs, threesome, foursome and of course facial cum. Keep in mind that some of the gay dudes prefer to swallow the semen. You might miss this climax, but all in all, the gay scenes are great. You can become an official member after filling up the online form and after creating your own account. The payment will be anonymous and the site ensures that the payments are all discrete, safe and 100% secured. Other than the exclusive gay films, as a paying customer, you can get your daily updates, 3rd party feeds, daily blogs for your daily homosexual fucking needs, and live chats.

Guys & Videos

Well, as I’ve mentioned, there are lots of big, fat homosexual dudes around the place. You would not recognize that they are a bunch of homosexuals who likes to fuck dudes ass instead of chicks unless you scroll down a bit more. There are lots of ass penetrations from softcore to hardcore. Most of the films will begin with intimate sensual torrid kisses. Then, they will soon go down to business getting laid off from the ground which there will be no hold barred. See them as they drill down the ass’ holes, kiss, sniffs and even licks those holes for gay fuck pleasure. You’ll see lots of big fat homosexuals that will bend over and show them their ass. The other gay dudes will make the most out of the films as they ejaculate, kiss, suck the balls, and swallow the meat until the cum will spew all over the place.

Threesome gay action will never be the same again after you watch Vladimir, Sebastian and Marc will make out each other. Their names sound man and tough enough but wait until you see their bodies. Vladimir has many tattoos from his arm, back down to his legs. He’s hairdo is kind of intimidating and also his beard. However, to not be fooled by his appearance since he loves to suck cocks and be fucked from behind with his fellow big dudes. He has soft sensual pleasure as Marc will pound his ass and Sebastian let Vladimir suck the life out of his cock. This gay scene is for those gay men who want to see threesome gay fuck scene to the next level. These guys are hairy and you won’t even notice that they are gay until they get into action. Marc will then suck Vladimir’s cock as he bends over and let Sebastian fuck his ass off. The three homosexual will do such threesome ass fuck penetration action until they let out their warm jizz and spewed at the camera’s lenses.


This site is not for gays who have a fainted heart. You need the guts and enough homosexuality in order for you to enjoy such mammoth size gay bitches as they fuck each other’s up and be gay all the way. To end up this review, I highly recommend this site for those gays who pretend to be someone that they are not. You know what I mean. All you have to do is to let it go and feel free to become one of these homosexual tattooed gay dudes. If you like seeing fat guys getting in gay action, then this site is definitely for you.


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