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BrooklynSlut, surely one of the best amateur porn site with authentic videos.


BrooklynSlut Review

Site Overview

In case you haven’t noticed the incredible website called BrooklynSlut, then this is your chance to check out what makes it so great and entertaining. The first thing you get to encounter is the large numbers of videos displayed on the main page of the website. It hosts a lot of things to stream and be entertained.

Design & Features

If you heard of the best amateur website around the internet, then you know what BrooklynSlut is. It is colored in grayish pink with a few black buttons that cover the video and member’s login option. A search option is located in the center of the website that facilitates a faster and more reliable way to find what you want to see from their video collection. Members have the option to cover days’ worth of content, while monthly options feature premium services and extra added bonuses.

Moving on to the selection of various websites that are included in the membership plan. Likewise, premium options include good quality videos at 1080p full HD resolution, while also offering fast download speeds for users with smartphones and tablets. People can also access the video database of recently made videos. Each video access will have granted more information about the female actress, male partner, and length of the video. Besides all the great offers and exclusive content, there is something here to enjoy if you are a free user.

Girls & Videos

The cast of wonderful girls has increased over the years, making their adult website a fast-growing network of awesome women getting banged hard. When it comes to the online content of incredibly well made quality, BrooklynSlut brings the best of the best in front, to show how things should be done.

The first female you start to enjoy is called Yuka; as a beautiful Asian, she loves to give a worthwhile interview about her life and things she enjoys in front of the camera. She has an amazing body that will please anyone that loves good pussy and well-rounded tits. Her experience in the online domain of adult videos is limited, but her videos are around eight at the moment. Her friends have made some awesome threesome videos that cover beautiful blowjob scenes and hardcore anal acts. Without any doubt, Yuka, has made a name for herself in this business.

One star on the rise is Monique, her pussy is as beautiful as her face. Likewise, her ass is tight and incredible, while well proportioned in comparison to the rest of the body. Monique has done various adult videos with famous male star Logan. Both of them have some incredible chemistry in front of the camera and that is what it takes to make good porn. There aren’t many girls that have such an outstanding pussy and let’s hope that are more of them here to enjoy and download.

A wild side of things is the erotica that made this website famous. Their erotic orientated amateur porn is incredible to watch in full HD. Margarette is one of the newest girls to attend this prestigious place of porn and erotica. She is fresh and she managed to make at least four videos of herself soloing or doing a lot of guys. Her abilities are something to watch and enjoy directly via any mobile device. Besides all of these she loves anal, and squirting is one of her goals, while she enjoys the anal fuck in front of the camera. There’re many girls to watch and download, but they should be revealed in time because they are worth it!


There isn’t much left to say about BrooklynSlut, this place is the best at what it does. Making something so great means that people are filled with passion for their work and their fans. Thereby, this website was awarded numerous accolades for its outstanding works of art, that are awesome fuck videos.


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