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BustedByDaddy Review

Site Overview

April of 2010 was the first time that BustedByDaddy came online. In here, you will find a fair share of hot, sexy girls who get to do all kinky stuff and get filmed or photographed only for them to find out that the content is leaked online and their dads getting to find all about it, which actually makes the whole thing exciting.

At first glance, you will agree with me that these girls are sexy and they know it, which clearly explains the reason as to why they have a thing for being naked almost all the time. The videos in here are all clear with a fair share of them being shot in high definition for your viewing pleasure. And if you have your own exciting videos, you can just log in and go to the user submitting section and from there, you most certainly will be sorted out perfectly. BustedByDaddy is also known to have a couple of features that will always give you the chance to enjoy your videos by, first of all, finding them fast.

Design & Features

A superbly working searching tool is always available for its users and as such, you can get to find any hot girls that you want to see naked either masturbating or getting fucked as hard as possible. And the only thing that you will be required to do is searching the keywords and all the related videos in BustedByDaddy will pop up on your screen for you to have a closer look. The site itself is very simple. And as such, getting your way through it will always seem to be a piece of cake altogether, which is something that you will be required to sit tight and enjoy for as long as you want.

The videos can either be streamed or downloaded, all depending on your preference or whatever feels convenient to you at the moment. BustedByDaddy being a user-submitted site, you will find a lot of good quality content even for an amateur site, which is impressive. And this is made possible by a user submitting area on the site that is dedicated to this. As such, I would recommend that you sign up because you are missing out if you haven’t.

Girls & Videos

BustedByDaddy because, as I had mentioned several times above, is that one place that you get to check out for the sexiest girls out there, which has got its fair share of advantages altogether, one that will most definitely get you all sorted out for sure.
There are different niches in here which include naked girls such as Tyler who prefers stripping by the pool and spreading her pussy for the videos as well as photos to be taken or Kimberly who clearly has a thing for taking naked bathroom selfies. And the fun just doesn’t seem to stop there as far as these amateur girls are concerned.

There is always a fair share of hardcore sex that follows and the girls enjoy it so much because they never thought that the videos would ever leak and find their way to the internet where their dads would come across them, unfortunately. But that is what makes all of these unique sex plots and well-directed scenes authentic as much as they are exciting.

BustedByDaddy will make sure that you get to see exciting, raw sex filled with moaning, touching, rubbing and yes, a lot of rubbing. There is no pretense in here in that the girls genuinely enjoy the sex. Some of them love it when a huge cock is sliding into their tight, drooling pussies that are well shaven or if you prefer the anal scenes, then hot and naked amateur girls such as Ashley will have their assholes well lubricated and allow a well-endowed guy to penetrate them as hard as possible, for your own entertainment which is such an amazing feeling altogether.

The videos are of high quality. And that said, you will also be treated to a lot of scenes which will include those steamy sexual encounters in the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom and outside in the pool and so forth. There is a duration as well as a brief description of each video that will go a long way in making sure that you are all sorted out in deciding the girls that you want to see getting fucked. The good news about these creatively directed videos featuring these amateur girls is that there is no download limit. And as such, you will most certainly have the opportunity to sit tight and make sure that you are able to download as many videos as possible. And also if you have a thing for titillating lesbian girls, then the likes of Lauren and Sheila will get you all covered.


I have to admit that I didn’t expect to be erotically thrilled the way I was when I made a choice to check out BustedByDaddy. The collection of the hottest girls on the internet are always at your disposal and you have the power to make a selection on the ones that you would pretty much want to check them out. There are plenty of scenes just like I had mentioned above and if you want to see your favorite girls getting fucked indoors or outdoors, then the best thing for you to do would be to make a choice at the end of the day, which is too darn impressive at the end of the day.

BustedByDaddy has a very well organized interface and at first glance, you can get to see the girls in the videos and get an inkling of what they are all about, which is something that will go a long way in giving you erotic satisfaction because even before you can get to play the videos, you will most certainly get the feeling that they are of high quality. And the fact that they are all full-length videos, it does go a long way in ensuring that you are all sorted out rather too perfectly at the end of the day.


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