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CanadianPartyGirls offers some of the best porn videos featuring real sex parties.


CanadianPartyGirls Review

Site Overview

While I am a party freak, and also a good lover of reality type action, I stumbled upon canadianpartygirls and was in every way pleased. Three gorgeous girls travel the country searching for real life sexy parties, all being filmed, all uncensored. Just imagine what three beauties can find travelling so frequently, and what kind of company can they attract, and trust me, these three do not shy away from the kinkiest of stuff.

Design & Features

The design of the site is straight up modern, and built to please the party lovers. Images of parties visited are placed everywhere, some of them hinting at very passionate and unforgettable moments, both for the ladies, and for the viewer. Judging by how they are dressed, that is to say, very lightly, they attract all sorts of attention, me included. Everything on the website has images suggestive of a good time, from seductive facial expressions to seductive pussy touching. The layout is really professionally done, giving you the full extent of the videos and images, thus allowing you to choose one or many to your own liking. The sorting option is also quite attractive as it gives you the ability to easily pick something that you prefer. Browsing and navigation is also very responsive, both on the desktop computers and on the mobile phones. While searching on my mobile, I also found out that the site is optimized, in the most modern fashion, which goes well with its modern theme and the way it is designed.

Girls & Videos

Three girls, the entirety of Canada, and parties like you cannot imagine, all being filmed, all uncensored. What more could you actually want? Well, if you do want more, there’s a whole section of hardcore videos, more than three and a half thousands of them waiting for you to enjoy. But the girls are important, very sexy, young, and party prone like myself, eager to find out what the world of sexiness has in store for them, and trust me, what I’ve seen, it has a lot to offer. From lesbian scenes, where one of the girls would seduce a random person at a party, to huge penetration scenes, because dressed like they are, you can only imagine the size of the company they attract.

Videos are shot in full HD, of course, being done in a very professional way, one that will have you enjoy both the parties and the girls. And when it moves on to some scenes of a kinkier nature, you get to enjoy quality shots and close ups of the body parts you prefer. With seductive girls like these, and such a wonderful way of them being filmed and presented, canadianpartygirls is a definite choice for someone of a wilder nature. I was also very much attracted by the membership plan, which offers a lot more than just party videos, as if that is not enough. Reality action plus three and a half thousand videos of girls doing stuff in a very hardcore way, plus DVD’s, plus bedroom scenes and solo scenes, something that is also quite desirable if you get tired of all the sausages.


If you are a party person yourself, like me, then I definitely recommend to you to visit canadianpartygirls in order to have the best, uncensored party experience, from girls kissing girls to action that would require you to close the door and turn the volume down by a lot. Apart from that, you would get access to DVD’s and solo sessions which are a nice change of pace, after a wild party, and most pleasantly, you get to view all of this on every device, as the site is completely optimized.



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