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ChanelSantini Review

Site Overview

If you leave a girl alone, she will show you that she can get freaky in more ways than one. Chanel Santini is the kind of beauty that will exceed your expectation. The prelude of this hottie walking around naked with her perky tits bare enough for you to touch and with glass rubber toys going up her anal hole is enough to make you pledge your loyalty to her. As a shemale, Chanel Santini has been able to conquer the adult world with a bangin’, body and her love for getting pleasured. You will love her for everything that she brings to different adult flicks and even more for the time that you will get to spend with her on her own individual site, ChanelSantinixxx.

When it comes to dishing out pleasure, Chanel Santini goes so much out of the norm to pleasure that you will have a reason to log into the TransEroticaNetwork and see all that it has to offer. You are about to get the most of the action in a way that you have never experienced before. Apart from the action that you get from her personal porn site, Chanel Santini also gives you access to four top-notch bonus sites that equally showcase shemale action. As one of the upcoming solo sites, you will be able to enjoy all that the portal has in store for you. Do not expect to be under-pleasured because Chanel Santini has only the best in store for you.

After years of being a successful porn star, this portal of excitement has proven that it is one to beat. The ‘xxx’ on the site’s title already tells you that the level of raunchiness is incomparable. If you love hardcore acts, then this pleasure-ville will also serve you delightfully well. If you think that this solo site has come to play then you will be surprised when it takes over your world of entertainment. Slowly but surely, this site will be your sanctuary especially because you will not be able to get enough of her. The porn star’s Spanish heritage should be thanked for all of her good looks. Even though Chanel has a dangling cock in between her legs, she is all-women to me and it won’t take long for her to indulge you too.

Design & Features

The most outstanding aspect of the adult portal is that it focuses on quality and this essentially means that all of your viewing moments will truly be uninterrupted and for the first time, you will get the viewership that you deserve. The content amount will also not be a let-down and your navigation will be truly exciting. For a solo site that is under the TransEroticaNetwork, you will be able to get access to about 300 videos that are all part of the network. As far as getting down and dirty is concerned, you have more than enough for you to go by.

Porn lovers who want to access ChanelSantinixxx from their mobile phones can also successfully be able to do so. However, they can only be able to do it in MP4 format while computer downloads are in HD version. Either way, you can never lack for clarity. But let us not forget that this is Chanel Santini, she does not offer you any dull moments here. The videos come in a variety of categories that will leave you glued to the screen for all of the right reasons. ChanelSantinixxx has a plethora of action that will truly excite you. The photos can be downloaded as zip files and as such, you will get to view all of them in the shortest time possible. The quality is totally incomparable and leaves you treasuring all of your viewing moments here. The site’s update schedule may not be consistent but from time to time, there is a new video to excite you.

Girls & Videos

Anytime you see Chanel Santini, she means business. When she demands your attention, you better give it to her because she intends to go very hard on you. There is no wiggle room when it comes to getting down and dirty and as you know her, you know that she does not like to waste time in finding fulfillment. As a shemale, she definitely has made the most of the silicone injections, however, Chanel knows how not to overdo their perfect nature. You will surely enjoy all that she has to dish out to you.

Chanel Santini is a beauty goddess who goes out of her way to ensure that she will give you the moments of pleasure that you truly deserve. She truly knows how to capitalize on her good looks and make you fall in love with her over and over again. The sex is hardcore and Chanel loves getting down with other shemales and with two cocks dangling in front of your face, you will not be able to contain yourself. If you could jump through the screen, you would because the level of infatuation on these scenes is out of this world. There is something about a shemale with both beauty and brains and she will not let you get over her easily. Chanel Santini is definitely the perfect idea of a dream girl. Her raving beauty will knock you off your feet but her raunchiness still shines through. You truly will not be disappointed by what the super porn star has in store for you.


Chanel Santini is the kind of shemale that you would want to spend all of your time with, if you could. The action that she treats you to is hell-fire hot and as such, you will be delighted in discovering what turns her on an occasional basis. Beauty is paramount in all the videos that you watch here. As a solo site that has managed to stay afloat for a solid amount of time, it is only evident that ChanelSantinixxx is not going anywhere, anytime soon. This is the portal that you love been waiting for!


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