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ChatRevenge is where you get to see to horniest real chicks going wild and dirty and doing any kind of kinky stuff.


ChatRevenge Review

Site Overview

Unless you live under the rock or just arrived from Neptune, you must know that the world has completely changed in terms of communication and relationship building. Gone are the days of the good old fax machine, of waiting for days or weeks to receive letters from loved ones, and of the slow commute. Everything is fast now, communication over vast distances is achieved in seconds now, and relationships are better off. This is quite evident in ChatRevenge, the world’s number one place where people go to share their love and beauty for millions all over to cherish and enjoy from. Instant messaging and the power of the internet to transfer bulky videos and excellent pictures over great distances has completely changed the way we see and use porn. This is even more common with millennials who grew up in the internet age. This singular factor explains why hundreds of fantastic and pretty chicks come to ChatRevenge where they can showcase their stunning bodies, cute boobs, sexy butts, and the pinkest of pussies. People in this age group are no doubt the most savvy and most adept when it comes to sexting, IMing, and sharing photos and videos online. Added to that are the burst and continuous rise of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and the likes.

The free offer of profile pages and huge spaces to store videos and pictures make them even more appealing and useful tools for these set of people to use in communicating and sharing their most intimate moments. With more powerful smartphones parading sophisticated cameras now more affordable and accessible, the internet has just become another world of new possibilities. Technology, the internet, social media sites, smartphones, affordable data subscription, and access to ChatRevenge has completely turned all the rules of intimate photo sharing on its head. The volume of videos and photos received on this site from their originators is staggering indeed and proves the fact that this is one trend that all must embrace or remain in the Stone Age while the world advances on. The ease and instantaneous manner with which to get these breathtaking videos and photos online is another factor that allows the site receive even more content by the minute, categorize them, and stack them in the huge library for onward viewing and downloading. It is a system set up to work automatically all day, every day. This way, you cannot get bored with stale and drab videos or pictures on the site.

Everything here is new, fresh, and 100% authentic. The fact that the videos and pictures on ChatRevenge are user generated and submitted by real people out there makes the site even more authentic and appealing to millions of users worldwide. Knowing that the content here is not stage managed, choreographed, or dramatized gives them, even more, credibility and appeal to a wide range of porn lovers. Surely, everyone is tired of the drama and pretense porn sites apply to their videos; it’s boring and really sickening. So, whenever ChatRevenge uploads new pictures and videos, the internet goes buzzing with excitement. The videos and pictures showcase stunning chicks with the best bodies, cutest faces, and breathtaking sex stunts never seen before. Every minute, every hour, and every single day of the year, hot damsels are snapping and recording themselves fully naked before the mirror, in the bathroom, in the living room, and other places in the house. They display such stunning erotic moves that would make even professional porn stars cringe and wow at their displays.

The site is replete with awesome finger fucking, boobs display, erotic dancing, close up pussy shots, and the most intimate secrets these chicks have in their closets. There are also plenty solo masturbation, striptease, lesbians scissoring, sensual kissing and caressing, and awesome cock sucking of the best kinds. This site also hosts the baddest dildo fucking and toys of the best kinds. Indeed, the site is filled with amazing scenes from start to finish. Cute hotties in their homes, lovely ladies at the back store of the mall, office interns in the bathroom, curious fresh lesbians, and the best home chicks available in town have all been discovered on this site displaying the most erotic and most romantic sex moves ever seen. With such a huge archive filled to the brim, you cannot but love ChatRevenge, the greatest chat site in the world. Sexting, near nude, and nakedness has never been this well packaged in just a single site. It’s phenomenal.

Design & Features

Excellence meets diversity and flexibility on ChatRevenge. Here, you would find only crisp, clear videos and pictures vigorously worked on to improve their standard by the best editors and engineers. You can use the site on your mobile phones and tablets at all times of the day, irrespective of the media player the device runs. Also, you can download as many pictures and videos as you have the capacity to store and enjoy for life. The site is easy to join. Just provide your username, password, email address, and exchange card details, and you are on. All this takes less than five minutes of your time to complete.

Girls & Videos

While some show off their bodies for a fee on the internet, others live on the proceeds they get as porn models and sluts. But the chicks we see on ChatRevenge are not of that kind; they are simple, everyday people with other ambitions. However, the popularity of ChatRevenge makes them go beyond their shyness and naivety to showcase what they have hiding under their clothes. With such real and raw chicks from all over the world paraded here, you would find nothing but original and real videos of the best quality, guaranteed!


Everything required to have a good time using a porn site has been provided for you here. All that is left is for you to subscribe, connect, and start enjoy breathtaking wonders that surpass every other thing you have ever seen in the world of chatting and nude presentation. It definitely is the site to beat. Get involved today.


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Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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