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CheckOutMyChick Review

Site Overview

Amateur porn is the saviour of horny people everywhere these days. When you watch amateur porn, you watch something that is a lot more real, something that you get to experience in a more intimate manner. Amateur porn is nothing like the porn that other sites try to push onto you, this porn is something beyond the standard pornographic fare. It is important to keep in mind, however, that a lot of amateur porn out there is quite fake. Porn companies make porn that is made to look like it has been made by amateurs but in truth it’s just another porn video, one that involves the exact same tropes that pretty much every other porn video in history has involved. All of these porn videos appear to be the sort of thing that you want to watch, but in reality they are nothing like that.

Hence, before you spend your hard earned money on a porn site, it is important to keep in mind that a lot of sites out there are nothing like the fantasies in your head. It is important to find a site that is actually worth paying for, and that is what CheckOutMyChick is. In order to discover whether this site lives up to its incredible hype or not, this review has been written. This review basically analyzes two of the most important aspects of the porn site, which are the layout of the site as well as the girls that are featured in the various videos that this site has to offer. A general portrait of the picture will try to be created so that you can use all of the facts to ascertain whether you want to subscribe to this site or not.

Design & Features

The layout of this website is different from pretty much anything you would be able to find on the internet. For starters, most websites do either one of two things. They either do the wrong thing, which most sites tend to do, or they do the right thing which is a lot rarer. The wrong thing is to stuff the home page of the site with as much content as possible so that any viewers are subjected to the maximum number of porn videos possible in order to maximize the chances of them clicking on a porn video. The right way to do it is to create a much more subtle and neat home page, one in which the videos are displayed in an orderly manner so that you can choose whatever you want to watch in peace.

The truly best thing about CheckOutMyChick is the fact that this site has pretty much everything going for it as far as the layout goes, but this is in spite of the fact that the site does not confirm to either the right way to do things or the wrong way. The layout of this site is something else entirely. When you enter the website, you feel like you are a part of this incredibly frenetic ride that is never going to end. The site really gives you an exciting experience, and the colour scheme certainly helps a lot in this respect as well.

The colours used in this site are primarily pink with some white accents here and there which pretty much just serve to accentuate the pink itself and make it more prominent. This adds some innocence and cuteness to the sites layout which is very important indeed, as it helps you to get into the mood of watching some normal, amateur girls getting fucked. With shades of pink to entice viewers, the pink also reminds one of the fact that pink is generally associated with girls as it is probably their favourite colour. And what more can a real man ask for – a beautiful chick’s pink pussy to fuck. Well, this is what the site has really attempted to portray, not to mention the affordability factor. With a membership fee that is dirt cheap, you will find that opting for a 90-day recurring membership is probably the best thing that can happen to you, and you will really love subscribing to this amazing pink site.

Girls & Videos

Amateur porn is a rather strange thing in that most of it is not real. The porn industry is quite good at faking certain things, and when you start to watch the porn videos on this site you might be afraid that this site just gives you the same fake videos that other sites try to trick you into watching. Thankfully, this site is nothing like that. One way in which you can be sure that this is a site that is most definitely worth getting into, a site that provides only real and genuine content, is the fact that the girls look real. No matter how much effort a porn site puts into making its porn seem realistic, these sites never manage to find girls that look the part.

CheckOutMyChick, however, has girls that fulfil every aspect of porn criteria. From the bouncy perky boobs to the slender bodies, each girl here is like just every other girl that you would see on the street, making your jerk off sessions feel like they involve a girl that you might even know since the girls are so real. This makes the whole site seem superior to pretty much everything else that you would be able to find on the internet, because finding sites that give you this kind of porn is really rare.

The main pitch of the videos on this site is that they are amateur videos uploaded to the internet. They include videos that girls sent to their boyfriends to turn them on, or videos that girls took of themselves having sex with their men. These videos are uploaded on to this site, which makes the whole experience seem so much more erotic because these girls are in their most natural and therefore most real in their performance and orgasm.


This site is pretty much as good as it gets when you talk about amateur porn. Out of all of the sites that are out there, this site does the best job of creating an ambience that suits the type of porn that amateur lovers would enjoy watching. The site is extremely affordable as well, particularly when you take into account just how much excellent content you are getting. Overall, this is a site that is most definitely worth your time and money, so you should really consider subscribing to it!


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