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CheerleaderFacials is absolutely one of the greatest cheerleader themed porn website that you can find.


CheerleaderFacials Review

Site Overview

You will agree that back in our prime days, cheering girls were at top of the list of the girls you loved to fuck. These amateur girls are hot, sexy and flexible. Not many of us got that lucky with them then. We only kept fantasizing about being fucked by the smoking hot amateurs one day. Amateur girls are in every man’s dream. All men fantasize and dream of being truly fucked by the wet tight barely fucked pussies of amateur cheer girls. They are girls who know how to get down and dirty when it comes to giving men the sexual experience of their lives. They know how to take a man to the seventh cloud and leave him moaning and yearning for more.

Most of the sites which feature this genre of porn lack the necessary quality. They just post ordinary boring clips of boring inexperienced models on their sites and expect to get numerous visitors trooping to their site. This does not normally happen because the number of visitors a porn site will attract is directly influenced by the quality of its models and content. CheerleaderFacials is a quality porn site which features the sexiest and hottest amateur cheer performers the whole industry offers. The girls on the site are so hot and sexy that you will certainly ejaculate by merely looking at them. They will so tantalize you with their fucking hot sexual performances that you will unknowingly sign up to the site. Before you join, read this full review of the design, layout and content features of the site. The review will get you informed about all aspects of the site’s positive features. It will educate you about the potential benefits of watching the right porn movies.

Design & Features

The general design and layout of the site offers a cheerleader kind of a feeling. Every aspect of the site layout appears fun-filled and spirit uplifting. You will certainly like how all the porn content are placed so beautifully. They layout is simple, beautiful and un-cluttered. Upon landing on the first page of the site, the first thing you notice is at the top of the site. It is Gif images of cum-filled faces of performers as well as their wet tight barely fucked pussies being hammered by huge long cocks. The images appear so real that they just stand out at you.

The most impressive feature of the site is its color scheme. The creators of the site chose a blend of colors which truly enhances the site’s content. The primary background is pink. Laid over the pink color is the secondary background which is beige colored. It carries the square boxes which contain featured video clips. The names of the featured models are written at the top of each box. There is a large image of the featured model below the name with text written in a combination of light red and blue colors describing the story behind the clip. About 5 video captures are posted below the text field. They are meant to entice you by giving you a sneak peek of what to expect in the full movie.

CheerleaderFacials offers over 1200 HD quality porn video clips from the whole of its network. The clips come in the highest Blu-Ray resolution of 1280 x 720 @ 5194 kbps. You can stream and watch the content online using varying devices with the aid of a flash player embedded on the site or, download them onto different devices in MOV, WMV, and MP4 file formats. The site also offers more than 250 image galleries which each featuring around 195 quality hi-res 1600 x 1200 images. The images can be downloaded in ZIP file format to be viewed on varying devices in MPEG and GIF formats.

Girls & Videos

The premise of CheerleaderFacials is about performers doing whatever is necessary to get their job done, whether it is to get their teams to win or to be in the squad. What they do in all the clips is fuck the brains out of either the team coach, the team leader or a leading player of the team. You will be aroused by how naughty these girls can get in doing this. As amateur performers, the girls are ready to try and do anything and everything to get the men so satisfied that they will in turn do anything to ensure that their job is done.

The girls are so horny and exciting that, when they begin their sexual antics, you will shoot into your pants before you know it. The way they use their hot sexy bodies to get the men moaning and asking for more will surely get you rock hard inside you boxers. They use their lithe sexy bodies, firm but full boobs, asses so round you want to squeeze them all night and their tight barely fucked wet pussies to do things you can just imagine to, to make sure that they get their men to cloud nine where they explode in a massive ejaculation.

Rae Rogue is the perfect example of a cheer performer who is horny and can get you to cum in no time. She tells the coach that being horny is her reason for not being able to cheer her team to any victory all season. The coach offers to teach her how to channelize her sexual energy to becoming the best possible performer. You will be amazed that his method of teaching is slamming his rock hard huge cock into her barely fucked, tight horny pussy. After pumping in and out of her wet barely fucked pussy for what seems like an eternity, he finally shoots his load onto her face. What the coach thinks of Rae and the encounter, only he knows but one thing is certain, he might start praying that his own team performs poorly, so he can keep teaching Rae how to be the best performer she can be. You too can fulfill your wish of filling Rae’s tight and horny pussy with your huge long cock by signing up to CheerleaderFacials.


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