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ClubSweetHearts Review

Site Overview

It’s truly an amazing wonder how the porn industry finds the most creative and resourceful ways of keeping the interest of fans all over the world by bringing different features and videos daily. ClubSweetHearts is the leading porn site since 1975 in Holland and it is one of the porn sites that know how to get the attention of the horny community through uploading fresh-looking individuals engaging in hot and arousing fucks. The website has quite a number of videos featuring the hottest chicks and hunkiest studs. Whether you are searching for something hot between two couples or the best masturbation videos, ClubSweetHearts got it for you! The experience of watching its videos have definitely made me improve my standards on what I want my man to do to me. Exhilarating indeed.

Design & Features

First time visitors of the site will not be disappointed because once you open the home page, all the overwhelming, sexiest and seductive chicks are all over the page. It’s obvious that from the home page alone, you would know that the site promises nothing but excellent fucks as they have invested on the great layout and design for their website. But don’t be intimidated with the great design because they were still able to make the navigation in the site very simple and straightforward. The website has a number of features that I’m very sure all of you will want to know. First, ClubSweetHearts allows subscribers to download all the videos just in case you want to keep repeating your favorite video. Not just that, it also allows the subscriber to have FULL access to the website’s DVD archive! Imagine all the porn videos you can watch with just a click of the mouse!

A second feature worth mentioning is that it covers a wide spectrum of categories for fans to watch. Anal sex? They got the best models receiving those huge hard dicks! Shaved beautiful pussies? Definitely no question about that! How about those who prefer hairy pussies? Well, don’t worry guys, because they have that too! How about group sex or threesome? Damn right they got it. Vintage? Lesbian sex? Cum shots? Check, check, and check! It has so many categories that I like, that it actually took me awhile before I decided to leave the site. The third feature is that they have a blog to keep subscribers updated on the latest news on the websites various products. Not just that, it also includes certain promos to lucky subscribers. Last and most definitely not the least feature for ClubSweetHearts is that it also has a live room for those want something a little more real time and intimate to them off. Definitely no need to search anywhere else.

Girls & Videos

Once in the website’s homepage, you’ll immediately see what most of their girls look like and what they can do. There are currently over 4689 sex videos, 8472 seductive photos, and 3139 sexy models for all us to gaze at. Don’t you worry about those numbers, because it constantly uploads 2 videos daily for our pleasure! Want to know another definite plus? They all in high definition! Truly it a plus! It’ll make you think that they’re just there right in front you, fucking. As you can see, the site revolves around the idea of sensual fucks between two hot adults. No, this site does not let girls below the age of majority to perform the sexual deeds, however, they were able to find a way to remedy that by finding models and porn stars who has all the traits of such. It doesn’t disappoint! As you visit the site, you’ll be introduced to different models, I for one have my own three favorite porn stars, and they are Lola D, Anouk I, and Alessandra. Lola D and Anouk I are usually in masturbation videos and I have to tell you, all those masturbation videos are so sensual that you can’t help yourself but sweat all throughout as you watch her rub their clit with so much passion. Alessandra, on the other hand, is more on one on one sex with a very good-looking dude.

The video “Nude Swimming” was a total steam fest, everything was so hot that I couldn’t contain myself and even the way she sucks dick, guys would go crazy over this video, I assure you. If, however, you’re looking for something a little raunchier, then that’s not a problem at all because ClubSweetHearts has videos that can suit your preferences on either lesbian sex or group sex or threesomes. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of lesbian sex videos, but after seeing some previews of the videos of ClubSweetHearts of lesbian sex, I think lesbian sex could now be added to my preference. As for threesome or group sex videos, all of the videos of uploaded regarding those are so neatly and coordinately done that it is sure to make your viewing time worthwhile. All of the thumbnails and the photos that are featured on the website never disappoint as well. This is attributed to the fact that it’s like the website knows and understands that you don’t want to waste time on irrelevant things and want to go straight to the sexy videos since they go straight to the point and show you what the girls are capable of doing through those thumbnails and photos.


My visit to ClubSweetHearts website was a great visit. It definitely gave me fantasies that I never thought I could think of. It was really worth it especially If you’re looking for something really hot, sexy, and fresh! Another additional thing should know as a bonus is that it’s not your usual website with porn videos of cheap story lines where strangers have weird bumpy sex and unrealistic sex moves, because all of the videos uploaded in the website has refined their story lines and sex moves so well that it is as if it’s authentic in terms of intimacy. It’s definitely worth it, trust me!


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