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CockForTwo presents a nice collection of porn videos that feature exciting and intense blowjobs.


CockForTwo Review

Site Overview

If you are starved for adventure in sex and wish to catch up with gorgeous models in the suck, sucking cocks for a prize, CockForTwo is a possible stop that might fulfill your dreams. Check out hot sexy girls with rounded bums and pretty faces in raunchy sex scenes as dudes explore their bodies and lead them to the most stimulating blowjob treat. The girls are naughty and daring. You are set up for a bit of dirty talk that comes with these crisp clear videos and photos on CockForTwo.

Design & Features

CockForTwo is wrapped in the glossy black background that smirks of mystery and class. There is a premium touch to the choice of colors and style of presentation. I loved the clear and simple presentation that turns out as well schemed and executed. The home page invites you to a range of browsing tools that make your experience memorable. There is a list of categories that points you to the possibility of checking out the flicks on DVD or streaming in other forms. I also had a handy model list complete with their names and scene descriptions. Indeed, the movies also come with playback span durations clearly indicated.

I could check out the flicks on the platform by going to the latest movies. It would be unfair to forget to mention that users are allowed to view, at least, one short video for free when they arrive on the site. The choice of the free movie is a clever trap that never fails. So, you could just as well subscribe if you are going to try out the free movie. I mean, you are presented with a hot and steamy sex scene that makes sure you see the characters from all angles. It will convince you that it is better to catch up with all the flicks on the platform. That means you will subscribe. So much for strategic and pleasant temptations! Mobile users are also provided with the option of streaming and downloading content from such devices. I could enjoy my favorite flicks on the platform while on the go; in the bus or even when stuck in busy traffic. The loading speed is great; as long as you are in an area with sufficient internet signal. If you love bonuses on your subscription, you have over 50 bonus sites on your plan.

Girls & Videos

The girls are hot, sexy and daring. I loved the size of the bums of most of these girls. Some of them are featured receiving a ramming from dudes with supple and weighty cocks. The bums are captured shaking at every slum of the cock. Yet, the blowjob scenes keep coming back. You will love the paired scenes that feature the girls in blowjob action. Some of the cuties are so immersed in the sex action that they do not give their counterparts a chance to scoop the prize. Whoever wins the prize; all the cuties are really up to the task, and provide real stimulating sex entertainment that will leave you drooling for a long time. The selection of the girls is also clearly meticulous. If you are not going to cum in your pants because of the sex action, you will certainly do so on account of the stunningly gorgeous models presented in their nude in POV videos style. There is a respectable amount of content on Cock for Two. Check out over 32 videos that play for an average of 25 minutes each. If you like it, sample over 37 galleries with over 100 pics in high res. The movies and photos can be viewed in WMV and Flash Player formats.


If you really want to warm up your loins by watching porn, try out CockForTwo. You have stunningly gorgeous hotties captured nude and sucking cocks as if it is their last chance. The quality of videos and photos is top notch; the many bonus options notwithstanding. CockForTwo is a real one-stop blowjob spot online.


Videos More than 30 Videos
Pics More than 3.000 Pictures
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