CoupleFantasies Review



CoupleFantasies is a great hardcore Euro site delivering hot threesome videos and exciting BDSM stuff.


CoupleFantasies Review

Site Overview

Top HD hardcore porn site, CoupleFantasies offers a passionate collection of videos that are dedicated to horny European couples. These people know that there are many ways to spice up their sex lives, and they wouldn’t think twice before inviting strangers to make their raunchy fantasies come to life. With the addition of a new participant, the sexual acts between these couples become even more exciting, more intense, and of course, kinkier and dirtier. Expect to see cuckolding, double penetrations, and other group-oriented fetishes shot in full HD. New videos grace the collection twice a month, and while waiting, you can rely on the bonus porn sites courtesy of the mother company, the Stiffia Network!

Design & Features

Since the Stiffia Network mainly operates in Europe, expect to see models who hail from the Eurozone as well. But amateur as it might be, CoupleFantasies indeed has something to boast when it comes to its selection of models. Though there is a mix of porn stars and newbies, the models seem to have no fault at all in terms of physical appearances and sexual skills. You won’t be able to differentiate who are pros and who are not since everyone delivers a fantastic performance. They’re so good you would soon forget that you are watching a porn movie!

And speaking of the quality, it’s also worth noting that the official website is amazing as well. It might not have a large collection at the time of this review, however, the site is already jam-packed with all the tools you’ll ever need in sorting and searching your content. The videos are labeled with enough information such as titles, descriptions, tags, and links to designated galleries. The pages that feature the entire collection, the photos, and the performers are also a joy to browse. Each one loads smooth and fast, and there wouldn’t be any kind of technical difficulty unless the issue is on your end.

Girls & Videos

CoupleFantasies is the name of an xxx collection that can easily excite you. And yes, it actually lives up to expectations as you’ll see real-life couples and people in a romantic relationship spicing up their sexual adventures with the help of gorgeous strangers. Oftentimes, one of the couples cannot give enough sexual satisfaction to their partner and thus they have no choice but to invite a third party. In the process, every participant gets what they want by engaging in hardcore kinks such as masturbation, blowjobs, double penetration, cuckolding, role play, slight BDSM, and more. Most of the movies center on women’s orgasms and that makes everything more exciting, especially if you know how women-oriented porn goes around nowadays.


Do you believe that it is better to have more than two people when it comes to hardcore sex? If you do, check out CoupleFantasies today and you’d surely be delighted to see gorgeous European couples who are not afraid to share their bodies with strangers. The actions are often three-ways and group sex and everything is oozing with irresistible kinkiness!


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