CrashPadSeries Review



CrashPadSeries is an unique porn site that gives exclusive and original fetish porn videos filled with passion and erotica.


CrashPadSeries Review

Site Overview

Awesome HD fetish porn site, CrashPadSeries brings you a unique adult series wherein every hot scene is filmed in an apartment in San Francisco. It brings together non-binary models, men, women, gays, lesbians, transgenders, and more in passionate and wild queer parties! From erotic kissing and groping to raunchy hookups and mind-boggling threesomes and party orgies, everything that you will inside this indie porn community would surely be kept in your memory for a very long time. So, if you’re looking for porn movies that will move you and make you cum with real emotions, check out CrashPadSeries today and be assured that you’ll get more than what you expected!

Design & Features

In this unique independent offering, Houston has created a platform wherein she can showcase the real beauty of feminist and queer porn. She recognized the existence of LGBTQ and every known sexual orientation in this world. The talented director, along with other creative xxx producers, has given queer porn a whole new name in the field of adult entertainment.

Right off the bat, you will see that CrashPadSeries has a unique approach to its viewers. It has a different layout and design than what you would usually see on standard or commercial porn sites. It has a Netflix-like vibe wherein you will first see featured or highly recommended videos. On the right side of the homepage, you’ll find interesting reads that would double your cravings and excitement.

As you browse from one page to another, you’ll find a long list of reasons why you should ditch membership from other porn sites and be a certified member of CrashPadSeries. The experience can be described as getting lost in a community that judges no gender. At every turn, you’ll see diverse performers making love to each other in all sorts of softcore and hardcore manner.

Currently, this collection only lacks a few videos to hit the one-thousand mark. This number is pretty huge compared to the amount you have to pay for membership or an unlimited subscription. In case you aren’t ready to go full swing, you can rely on the pay-per-view option or even try the rental feature of this site. But in the end, it will all go down to one thing. You’ll find yourself a member of this unique community, and there’ll be no room for regrets!

Girls & Videos

Pure passion and erotica –that’s what you’ll get once you watch a movie from CrashPadSeries. This community is home to real LGBTQ performers and they are gathered together to show you the real meaning of sex. You’ll get sensual foreplay that normal couples do. Every second is filled with passionate moments and you can really tell that the models on your screen are enjoying sex. No matter what kind of sexual orientation turns you on, rest assured that you’ll find one that could satisfy your needs. As mentioned, you already have a thousand scenes to choose from and it would become bigger and bigger with consistent and active updates.


CrashPadSeries is brought to you by Shine Louise Houston, the brilliant mind behind PinkLabelTV, a pioneer queer porn site in the adult entertainment industry. Same as the latter porn site, CrashPadSeries focuses on diversity and creativity. It welcomes models of all known genders and the actions unfold out of carnal needs and curiosities and not out of fame and money.


Videos More than 1.000 Videos
Pics More than 1.000 Picture Sets
Download Available
Categories Fetish, Erotica, Lesbian

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