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CumEatingCuckolds provides some of the hottest and the kinkiest porn scenes that you have ever seen.


CumEatingCuckolds Review

Website Overview

The CumEatingCuckolds is a porn site, which focuses on a fantasy and features a kinky niche. The story of the videos is usually the same: the girl cheats on her boyfriend/husband and makes him watch. But, it’s not enough for her to make him cuckold, she also lets him join the action… as another mouth to feed with her partner’s cock. So, here you get the still popular cuckold theme, mixed with some twisted bi-curious act. This portal has been around since 2008. The number of videos and photo sets are supporting the update schedule: they add two sets of pictures and one video every week. This also means that the number of pictures is greater. Nevertheless, with nearly 400 hardcore videos, it’s a really big site.

Naturally, the videos of the CumEatingCuckolds are all unique, and they were created for the online audience’s entertainment. As far as we could detect, they are not available on other portals. As far as the bonuses have to be mentioned, you get here mostly basic stuff: members receive access to the forum of the site, where they can discuss the scenes. There are also stories to read, and every member gets access to the bonus galleries. The niches covered by these videos are really hot, and they are basically considered as kinky. The cuckold-theme is quite popular nowadays, and when there is a bit of a twist in the story, it’s even better.

On the CumEatingCuckolds the niches are mixed: you get here cuckold porn, with interracial sex. However, the most interesting part is that the guys are made to be bi-curious, since they have to suck those big black cocks, and lick the cum of the girl’s body. The company behind the site knows how to create hot bi-sexual content, since it has several other sites with this main niche.

Design & Features

Navigating through the CumEatingCuckolds isn’t a hard thing. The tour page is quite simple: on the top, the site features a slideshow of the hottest scenes, and below that, you can find the main menu. You can use it to explore the site a bit better, but the best way to actually get the picture about the content is to watch the free preview videos. The short clips you can play on the home page are the best options to get the idea. Inside, the CumEatingCuckolds has the same simplicity that you saw on the tour page. The videos are listed after you log in, so you can start watching the hottest ones in a few seconds. The main menu remains on the top. From this, you can reach the girls’ list, the videos and the extras too.

Each video has an embedded player window on its page. You can enjoy the scenes streamed in Flash format – the playback is nice, the player loads quickly, there is hardly any lagging. MP4 and Windows Video files are granted to download. These go up to the highest resolution: 1080p… but there are also some gorgeous 4K HD videos too, usually in MP4. The photo sets are looking great. They are all high quality stills, taken during the video shooting. Zip archives are available.

Girls & Videos

There are only professional hot cunts appearing in the videos of the CumEatingCuckolds. These chicks are really good at playing their roles, and if you are looking for well-played cuckold-interracial porn, then this site is one you should certainly try. In order to make the videos more believable, the guys who picked the chicks made their choices count: the cunts they picked are all cute, but they are not the all-fake pornstars you see every day and everywhere. Only natural, really wife-like girls are featured, thus the fantasy you get is going to be much hotter than you expect at first. There are a few really busty models around, and they are natural too, so their breasts look fine and luscious. As far as their ethnicity is concerned, we were glad to see that there are some really fine ethnic chicks, mostly coming from the Latin areas.

Concerning the male models you will see in here a bunch of well-hung Black guys, and a whole lot of Caucasians guys too. Both parties are getting their fair share of action, but the best stuff goes for the Black dudes – they get the pussy. You will see here a professionally set up models’ collection, offering great variety and great performance. Since the videos are covering some kinky niches, it’s probably not a big surprise that the scenes are studio-made productions. There are some really fine sex scenes here, and if you prefer your porn kinky and hot, then you will get it served well.

All scene features a story, though there isn’t much talking in them, you will get the idea. Usually, the Caucasian husbands get their feelings and manhood hurt. And these girls have lots of ways to do it: they are sucking and getting banged by their Black lover, just as they get their fair pussy licked and creampied in many cases. The cuckold husbands have to watch it, but these vengeful cunts don’t stop there: the guys have to do more. In some scenes sucking the other’s cock is enough for the girls to prove themselves that their husband is a jerk and fool, and he deserved being cheated. Another bunch of movies feature something harder: the girls get their pussy creampied, and the guys have to eat it out from those fine holes. Every video here features a hardcore intercourse, and there is always something nasty for the viewers to watch.


The CumEatingCuckolds is a promising site. Though it’s a standalone portal, the hot niches the videos cover, and the hard sex in these scenes are making this into a recommended portal. In case you like to watch hardcore porn, you might come to the conclusion that these videos are good to watch. The high number increases every week, and so does the quality: nowadays, they add 4K HD porn videos to the CumEatingCuckolds, and that’s just great.



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