Defloration Review



Defloration is an amazing amateur porn site that provides hot virgin chicks losing their virginity in front of camera.


Defloration Review

Site Overview

Defloration is one of the finest amateur sex sites featuring gorgeous chicks with pretty faces, great tits and juicy pussies with their hymens intact. These virgin girls are willing to let you take a look at their juicy pussies and some even get fucked for the very first time. These chicks share their most memorable moment in their sex life in high-quality videos with a full HD playback.

Design & Features

Defloration has a very nice interface that presents a very unique look once you access the site. You can explore the picture captions and video trailers at the tour and have a taste of what the members area offers. This is very nice and it ensures that everyone on Defloration has a clear idea of what the site has to offer. The members’ area presents the content in a very professional way starting with the latest to the earliest on the site.

What’s even more impressive is that the content is arranged based on years, which make it easy to browse. The content is also dated and you can expect to see more virgin pussies, thanks to the weekly updates. You will agree with me that the navigation experience at Defloration is very nice and enjoyable. The content can also be accessed through mobile phones and tablets. The site also gives you an advanced search tool that allows you to browse the content based on models and other keywords. This content is nice and you can view the videos on the site, using a medium flash player or downloading them. While downloading, you should not use any downloading applications, to avoid having issues while downloading. It’s great that the downloading speeds are fast and very friendly to the users.

Girls & Videos

Just as said earlier, Defloration solely concentrates on virgin chicks who like to show their pussy in-front of the camera. The content is well shot and you get a chance to view the pussies at a really close range, giving you a clear picture of their hymens. These gorgeous creatures are mostly amateur, who are being fucked for the very first time or just showing their pussies. You will see different good looking men taking the innocence out of these chicks as well as ladies losing their virginity to dildos. These ladies are actual virgin who have an amateur level of experience. Their bodies are gorgeous and they have nice tits with round butts and a pretty face.

The content is offered on 500+ scenes, which include high-quality pictures and videos. These pictures are shot by a real pro and there is a huge focus on the hymen for you to see it clearly. These videos are ridiculously gorgeous and they display high resolutions reaching up to 1600x1200px. The good thing is that the pictures can be downloaded in zip sets, with each set having 90+ pictures. The videos are also very lovely and you can play the action in HD and full HD footages with dimensions ranging from 712x400px to 2560x1440px. These videos can be streamed or downloaded in AVI, WMV and MP4 files with bit rates ranging from 2000 to 16000+kbps. All this content is offered at a monthly price, which is very reasonable.


Defloration is a nice site for you to watch sexy chicks losing their virginity to cocks and sex toys. The chicks are great and they not only lose their virginity, but you will also see them strip and teasing you as they showcase their intact hymens. The quality of the content is also another reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to join this site.


Videos More than 500 Videos
Pics More than 500 Picture Sets
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