DesperateStraightGuys Review



DesperateStraightGuys features straight guys that are ready to do anything for money. Here you can watch amazing gay porn videos.


DesperateStraightGuys Review

Site Overview

As the name suggests, this is a porn site that features gay men who are straight but desperate. The straight element is an equivalent of an amateur model. Indeed, the site sticks to its theme on desperation and the kinds of stuff the boys are willing to pursue just to get their hands on some cash. Desperatestraightguys offers a range of porn entertainment that satisfies people with a variety of fetishes.

Design & Features

There is nothing desperate about the actual design of the website. This is a porn site that grants you easy navigation; thanks to their organizational skills and the tools and widgets thrown in for your usage. There is a clear categories list and a drop down menu that allows you to select your favorite entertainment and go straight to it. The layout is clean and clear too. The blue and while themes, adopted here, have the effect of Making you feel relaxed and romantic. The movies are intense and steamy. The site is also mobile friendly.

When I visited the site last, I could access everything that I offered. I could also stream my videos without glitches. The quality of the videos and pics on this site is impressive. The more recent pics are presented in the best quality form. I was also able to download the content in a zip file. Watch out though because there is a limit to the number of downloads you can make. You are limited to stick within 40GB per week. However, on considering the amount you are allowed, I think this limit is almost as if you are not limited at all. There is an offer for live cam service too. The site makes a conspicuous effort to provide users with a lot of service in a quest to make sure that every visitor leaves when they are satisfied. The attitude and dedication manifested here is clearly remarkable.

You are provided access to three bonus sites once you subscribe to this site. The bonus sites offer great stuff too. I was able to view content on Cumpig Men, Dudes Raw and Damon Dog XXX. The loading speed of the content on the site is impressive too. I was impressed with the accuracy of the active subtitles. What you see is what you get on there.

Guys & Videos

There are no girls to show on this site. However there are plenty of equally elegant men and sufficient amounts of content to savor. The men are definitely handsome by any standards. They come from across the world divide but seem to have a very strong sexual connection. The sex sessions between the dudes is charged. This is where you get to see how dudes seduce one another and end up in the suck together.

There is plenty of romantic action and actual sex sessions featuring the muscular and energetic dudes thrusting their dicks deep into the anus of the male sex partners. There is kissing, hugging and fondling in both foreplay scenes and after the climax of each scene in which there is a lavish show of cum spray. The dudes pump enough cum into each other. I noticed that a lot of dudes have an insatiable appetite for sucking dicks. I got to learn how the dudes achieve their sexual orgasms with a variety of sex rituals. There is plenty of dick sucking, rimming, kissing, anal play, toy work and fisting.

I followed one Justin West on one of his escapades. Justin looks calm and harmless. He exudes a gentleman’s demeanor. On the flip side, Justin is a real tiger that takes the lead, and is obsessed with long romantic engagements with fellow men. He is seen cuddling with fellow dudes in a range of scenes. Justin has a great appetite for anal penetration. He is the one that pushes the crank in the other dudes most of the time. Occasionally Justin allows his mates to suck at his cock as he groans with pleasure. There are 117 videos with 20 minutes of play-time in each. You are also provided with a similar number of galleries. Each photo gallery has 25 pics. The files are available in MP4 and Flash


I was impressed with the fact that the site provides exclusive content. The daring stunts of some of the straight guys is encouraging; considering that they are amateurs. The quality of their videos is also great. Here is a gay site that offers a satisfactory range of fetish fulfillment.



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Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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