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DoctorAdventures is one hell of a website if you have a fetish for doctor themed porn videos.


DoctorAdventures Review

Site Overview

This one’s for people (count me in with this one) whose got some fetishes for nurses or doctors alike. Imagine being taken care of by one hot nurse whose tits are about to show up from her uniform! It feels like you don’t want to check out from the hospital! Or better yet, enjoying a hot steamy sponge bath administered by no other than the doctor herself! If you got something aching down there, let these so called “professionals” take care of you and they’ll be doing their sworn duty for your own sexual pleasure!

Design & Features

As soon as I browsed on the website, I immediately noticed that this site is under the Brazzers network which is one of the porn industry’s giants. But before checking it out though, you’ll have to confirm with them that you’re already an adult to access their site. But how would they know? Moving on, as soon as I entered the site, it’s like an information overload of boobs, pussies and more boobs! I mean, wow, it’s like my eyes are drooling as well with those sweet sexy confections being showcased. And with those sexy poses by these “medical practitioners”, I’m already aching down there. I also checked one of the videos and it’s kinda funny that they have a certain limit in previewing a video. Not to mention that the videos are in high-definition so every thrust, every boob that bounces and every cum shot come in crisp detail. I’ve checked one of the preview of the videos and I must say it will really make you want to have some masturbation going on while watching it. The downside though is that you need to subscribe to them to gain more access and view the full video of the one that you like to see and jerk off with.

The site is constantly updated and as I’ve checked, it now has a library of 494 videos each is 30 minutes long. So you have an ample time to cum while watching the scenic view. You also have the option to download or stream videos from the site. So if you have a video that you would like to view over and over, feel free to download. Videos also come in different format and as far as I can remember, video formats for MP4 to PSP are available. If some of you prefer to see some hot poses from their models, images are also available for the taking. It can be either through full screen shots, video captures or from zip archives. Their gallery collection is also huge with a whopping 494 galleries with 600+ pictures each and it’s really a massive collection! There are also extras or bonuses. It can be from videos from 3rd party feeds, bonus websites and their list of fine juicy models. I haven’t seen any of the first two yet but I’ve checked the model index though. Their list of lusty girls is quite long and as I checked further, the stiffer my dick goes.

Girls & Videos

As I checked the girls on this site, it seems that most or actually all of them are professional porn stars. You can easily tell by the names that they’re using. These girls have “years of experience” under their belts…or pussies perhaps on how to make guys sexually satisfied, erotically aroused, and cum with a bang! I watched a video (shamefully, the audio was turned off though) where there’s a girl in red is having some sort of argument with the doctor about something. While she was talking, she has this mannerism of somewhat jumping up and down so that her tits would bounce at the same time. From the looks of it, it made me imagine sucking on those two plump breasts of hers while shoving my dick inside her. Well, moving on, the video was actually somewhat edited because in the middle of their argument she suddenly became alone and afterwards, there was a guy showing up holding something down his crotch and then, there they are humping like they haven’t had sex for years. I also like this other video from Shawna Lenee where she plays as nurse and this dude who plays as the doctor.

Shawna was a fine sexy thing with firm perfect boobies ready for sucking. I kinda like the lingerie Shawna’s wearing on the video. It made me aroused and my dick rock hard! Defined abs, perfect smooth skin, and a tight pussy would make any guy want her in bed and have her legs spread wide open! Moving on with the video, as soon as she was shown with a handful of bucks, she immediately went down and began sucking the lucky guy’s dick. Damn I wish I was that guy. My favorite part of the video was when Shawna was on top and the dude was banging her from behind. Her reaction was really a turn on for me. It’s as if she’s ready if there will be a round two.


This site is highly recommended since they offer quality videos, pictures and not to mention kinky story lines that would make any guy stroke their cocks. As the old saying goes: “A doctor a day, keeps the doctor away.” But if your doctor or nurse would be as hot, busty and sexually aroused like this, you might want to forget the apple and be sick as an excuse to have an appointment with them and have them check your temperature or should I say the other way around. Videos are always updated and clear and most of them are in HD quality. Check them out using your live thermometers and see how hot, naughty and lusty these doctors and nurses are. So you’d better book an appointment now and have them check your boo boo’s while you check on their boobies and pussies.



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