Dschungel-Melanie Review



Dschungel-Melanie is a great porn site that provides hot and hardcore German porn videos.


Dschungel-Melanie Review

Site Overview

Dschungel is a Germany name which means jungle. The Dschungel Melanie site is an adult site that gives you the access to porn photo galleries and videos. Also, you can recognize Melanie from the German form of the Bachelor show where she was among the finalists. On this fantastic site, you will get to see Melanie playing with her pussy with her fingers or toys; you will also see her on her knees sucking dick, or on all fours taking cocks from behind. All the videos and images are high definition. If you fantasize with cute blondes, then the Dschungel Melanie site is your place to be. All you have to do is fill the sign-up form and pay the membership fee.

Design & Features

The webmaster has done an impressive job. The main color of the site is jungle green which brings out the whole theme of it. The writings are in black. At the top of the homepage, there are several menus, which aid in navigating around the site. These menus are login, sign up, categories, extras, and also a search box. Therefore, navigating around the site has been made easier and efficient.

When you want to login to the site, all you need is your username and the password that you used when you were signing up. After logging in, you are redirected to the members’ area page. The colors used on the members’ area page are similar to those on the homepage. On the homepage, you get to see several thumbnails that once you click on them, you are redirected to a new page with the full video in it. The thumbnails are still images of the video screenshots. The videos only take a few seconds to load if you choose the online streaming option. When downloading them, the case is also similar, and within seconds you can enjoy your porn video without any interruptions.

Girls & Videos

Melanie Muller is a goddess. Her beauty is out of this world. She is of the right age, and she hails from Germany, where she was born and raised. She is a blonde with blue eyes. Most of the girls in the porn industry have gone through one or two surgeries to enhance their beauty. However, when it comes to Melanie Muller, she is a natural beauty, from her juicy bum to her gorgeous boobs.

In one of the scenes, Melanie is out in the woods with one of her performing friends. She is naked, and you can see her wet pussy and asshole. She unbuckles the belt of the stud and goes straight to her knees. The girl sucks and licks every fiber of that cock with so much passion. It is one of those sloppy, messy blowjobs and you can hear the guy groaning in pleasure. It is not yet his time to cum and Melanie lies down on the ground. With her bum straight in the air facing the sky, the guy enters her from behind. The scene is so hot and raunchy. I could not help but jerk off to it. The guy pounds that pussy with so much energy, and Melanie is screaming and wriggling under him. Talking dirty and encouraging him to fuck her brains out. After a few minutes, Melanie squirts all over. The guy also cums on her bum. I also cannot help but shoot my load over them.


The Dschungel Melanie site did it for me. The site is new but the content available is something that I have not come across before. The design and the layout are also very easy to navigate. Sign up on this marvelous site, and you will get to have a glimpse of what I am talking about.


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Pics More than 30 Picture Sets
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Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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