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DylanLucas will bring you to the amazing world of gay porn and twinky guys that will drive you crazy.


DylanLucas Review

Site Overview

Though the site is called DylanLucas, you won’t find him in the videos, he is usually behind the scenes. But you can find a whole lot of sexy guys, performing hardcore things with their partner. This portal has a nice collection, and it grows regularly. As you will see, the DylanLucas have hot porn for you to watch, and if you become a member, you can get much more. Hardly three years old, but the DylanLucas is a promising site. The videos come frequently, and their quality is basically quite good, you don’t have to trouble yourself with it. In case you enjoy watching hardcore sex, you might want to enter this site, but let’s clear one thing: this isn’t a bareback site. The latest update was about a week ago, so the DylanLucas is still updating. There is a weekly update frequency in order, so it’s quite certain that you will find the collection of the site growing a lot.

Actually the site has 97 hardcore scenes for you to enjoy, though it might be over the 100 mark by the time you read this. Let’s take a look at the extras. You gain access to live cams and other ‘usual’ extras, so much is true however we are certain that the best thing you can get here is the full network access, which makes you eligible to browse all sites of the PrideStudios network. Every included site covers hardcore sex, and there is only gay porn. Six additional porn sites are yours to browse, and about 4,000 scenes are available. Some sites doesn’t seem to update anymore, but the quality and the quantity is really good. The site offers exclusive porn videos for you, so there isn’t any chance of you watching these videos on other porn sites.

Design & Features

When you open this site, you will notice that it looks really good. It has a nice design and an easy to follow layout. You can find everything from one place: the menu on the top. The banners and the pictures are showing the main elements of the videos here, but if you want to gather more information, you should head for the videos’ page: there are five trailers (per day) that you can watch. In the members’ area you will see that only a few things change, and while you are there you will find everything just as easily as on the tour page.

The content is tagged, though search engine isn’t featured, which means that you can sort the scenes by clicking on the category-tag, and see what comes up. When you enter a video’s page, you will find there every information you may need: a description about the story, the actor(s), length, views and update time. The player can start to play the video in seconds, and if you find the playback not too smooth, you can choose from lower resolutions. To save the scene, MP4 files are granted, with HD and Full-HD options where available. Some photo galleries are featured too, and every video has some nice set of pictures – video captions and photos alike.

Guys & Videos

The guys at the DylanLucas are not just hot, but they really seem to like their jobs. These professionals are doing everything that’s possible to make you excited, and keep you interested in the site. In case you like to watch hot twinks in action, the DylanLucas is a good place to start. There are 55 different guys in the site’s database, and it about half of them are twinks. For example, there is this hottie by the name of Mickey Mackenzie. Though his name would fit a cartoon creature too, on this site, he is a Caucasian male, with a nice smile and amazing, tight body. He is one of the newest guys here, and it seems he is a bottom, at least in his scene, he is the one who gets penetrated. Also, there are those guys who rule such sites. They are the muscular big lads, who have much experience and a large cock.

You’ve probably heard of Robert Axel – he is a really hot piece, and he has over a hundred videos done already. This guy seems to be the top type, and usually he is the one who gets to drill the other. He represents the other type of models of the site really well. Now, let’s take a look on the videos. As far as we could see, these scenes are nicely done, professional productions. Most of them are shot with care, have a short script, and they are carefully staged. Don’t expect too much of a story or whatever, because the main goal here is to get you the necessary hot sex you are looking for. These videos feature couples. The pairings are good, usually you get to watch as a twink is broken-in, while in some other cases experience guys just have fun. With so handsome and overall good-looking guys, the videos are really joyful to watch. If we can say so, these scenes are just fantastic. Though there are just 97 videos on the site, this collection will certainly keep you busy for a time, and since it receives new content regularly, you should return to watch it – and while you wait for a new one, you can still enjoy the included sites’ content.


You get a lot for your membership fee on the DylanLucas. If you are into guys, and you like to watch gay porn, your account here will be a satisfactory investment. With the neat content of the site, you can always get more, and while you are here, you will find it that you have so much porn to enjoy, you can hardly manage it. The access to the PrideStudios network is great, and it’s one of the many great features of the DylanLucas.



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