ElectroSluts Review



ElectroSluts is a wild fetish porn platform that serves you with electric porn entertainment literally.


ElectroSluts Review

Site Overview

Electro-Sluts is a raunchy hot sex platform that features girls with an unusual appetite for kinky sex in slavish fashion. Electro-Sluts is largely a lesbian sex platform that features girls with exceptional beauty and an exotic taste for the near-outlandish adventure on the sex line. You have content drawn and run by the famous kink platform too. If your sex appetite is ticked by scenes that feature models in slavish scenes, you have a gig going on Electro-Sluts.

Design & Features

The platform is wrapped in impressive glossy black that gives you a heightened appetite for sex and adventure. There is a clever input in the design and layout here. Users are provided with a search tool that enables them to quickly access the content they desire. There is also a list of categories and a model index offered as an extra. I could even start my entertainment straight from the tagged images provided on the home page. In general, there is little to complain about when it comes to navigation on Electro-Sluts.

I loved the fact that users can also stream videos as much as they wish and download too. The content can be viewed in two quality settings in both MP4 and WMV formats. More options include the fact that you can catch up with the videos in clips or the full videos.  The videos are crisp clear HD form stuff that you want to keep watching for hours on end. All content is exclusive. Mobile users have a reason to smile because they have a chance to catch up with the content from their devices at great convenience. Indeed, the flicks provided can also be viewed via tablet devices. I loved the community feature that allows users to post comments regarding the videos and even rate the flicks. The images are high-res quality photos. Users can also view these in multiple sizes.  I know you’ve been waiting for what a lot of fans find attractive; and, yes, the platform comes with a bonus site that you can access with your primary subscription to Electro-Sluts.

Girls & Videos

If you are looking for a platform that mixes stunning beauty, sex appeal and adventurous stunts by the same host of performers, you have your lucky day with Electro-Sluts. The focus is on slavish performances. You are presented with scenes that show the girls subduing and subjecting their sex captives to what they may not like, some lashing and flogging. The most captivating part is the use of an electric wand to stir up the excitement in the ladies. The receivers of such treatment seem to love it. You will catch a glimpse of girls strung up on ceilings and undressed in thorough hardcore scenes. The general trend is the savoring of the exotic pleasures inherent in BDSM and femdom. If you love some real normal action thrown in between fetishes, all you need to do is check out the lesbian action that will leave you drooling for a lot more. The cuties get down with each other in style and horniness. There is sufficient content to sample on Electro-Sluts. Check out over 324 videos that come with over 45 minutes of playback each. All the content can be viewed in WMV, MP4, and MP4.  There are a similar number of galleries with over 75 pics o average for each of them. Users can download content in the zip files provided.


You have great user features on this platform. The video quality is clearly admirable. If you have a thing for kinky sex, I guess you will love what I experienced on Electro-Sluts.


Videos More than 300 Videos
Pics More than 300 Pictures Sets
Download Available
Categories fetish, BDSM

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