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EmoSexGfs gives you access to an incredible collection of amateur videos and emo chicks that will drive you crazy.


EmoSexGfs Review

Site Overview

Emo Sex GFs is the top sexy GF porn website every man wants to be a member of. After all, the girls who are featured here in the site have ravishing personality and beauty that will want every man to bring them to bed. These girls are amateurs yet they are capable of hardcore and softcore sex. These amateur emo sluts can definitely satisfy your sex drive.

Design & Features

With the Emo Sex GFs porn website, you will mostly have an impression that this site is a compilation of hardcore videos featuring hot girls with dark eyeliners, piercings, and tattoos. Many men actually love that kind of wild side in women, since it allows them to fantasize about some amazing stuff when they are jacking off. For the ones in the videos, the girls are mostly amateurs but that won’t stop them from getting all the hardcore sex plays in one shot. You will not regret watching these girls getting wild on bed for sexual pleasure.

Starting off with the design of the website, there should be nothing to complain about. After all, just from the home page itself, you get to see emo girls getting shacked by their male partners. These shots are all plastered in the home page. Aside from the photos, the videos are also neatly lined up there. You get to see some amazing clips right when you access the site. In terms of navigation, you shouldn’t have any problems since thee tabs are neatly placed. You have the main menu for Favorites, Albums, Videos, Sites, and Special Offers.

The videos are simply amazing. They are all in high quality so you can play them back over and over without any blurs or pixelations. On average, the videos may only have around half an hour long but the actual length vary. You have some videos that are only ten minutes long while there are also those videos that are as long as 40 minutes. New updates come once a week so you will always be excited weekly in anticipation for what you will watch next week. There are already more than a hundred videos in the site and they are all of HD quality. You can stream the videos in their FLV format and download them in their MP4 format anytime you want.

There are also the pictures. For the pictures, you have more than 200 picture galleries for your perusal. Each of these galleries contain more or less 300 pictures. You don’t have to worry about the quality of photos since the latter are mostly in HD quality. Isn’t that great? It is also good to note that most of the videos in the site are not only screen captures but actual photos! Amazingly, the update for the pictures is more frequent than the update for the videos.

It is also good to note that your membership to Emo Sex GFs can earn you access to several bonus sites. That means that aside from the GF XXX porn content available for you in Emo Sex GFs, you are also able to enjoy ones that are uploaded in the bonus sites. These bonus sites are all under the All of GFs network. There’s about 12 sites that fall under this porn network, and they include the following websites: The Futanari, Real Sex GFs, Black GF Sex, Self Shot, Asian Sex GFs, Porn Latina, and The Indian Porn. In all videos that are posted in the sites under the said network, they all contain a mix of softcore and hardcore porn. In Emo Sex GFs, user submission is also welcome. If you have some good stuff hidden in your smartphone, you should consider sending it to this site.

Girls & Videos

The girls who are featured here in the Emo Sex GFs can be really intimidating when they are not yet naked and panting from sex. This is because these girls want to assert their individuality and their own charm. They are wild and they don’t want someone else to dictate what they do or to tell them to conform to the norms. However, that only makes it worth it to domesticated these wild cats and have them submit in bed. In terms of appearance, the girls who are featured here in the site do not fall behind those who are considered to be porn stars in other websites. These girls are busty and curvy. You’d want to look at their body for a long, long time.

Most of the girls are white. They aren’t the normal girls who have natural makeup or the likes. These girls prefer wearing black eyeliners, having dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings. Despite being amateurs, you shouldn’t look down on what these emo girls can do. They don’t have any problems sucking big cocks, even to the point of deepthroat. It is also common to find videos here in Emo Sex GFs where the girls are banged from behind. These amateurs can handle hardcore plays really well! To recommend some good videos, try out “Sexy Emo Geek” and “Hot Emo in Bra” for your first time.


There is no wonder that a lot of boys are into tattoos and piercings. Boys crushing hard on emo girls isn’t that rare. Fantasizing about them is also normal. That is why for boys who are yet to fulfill their desires toward their emo girl crush, they can take advantage of what Emo Sex GFs has to offer. The site has lots of amazing videos and photos that are worth fapping to. The bonus sites add more value to the membership to this site too. It will definitely be worth it!


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