Enchantae Review



Enchantae is a website where you can read an amazing adult comic. The drawings are incredible and the story is really exciting.


Enchantae Review

Site Overview

Enchante is an adult comic-site depicting an ancient kingdom, where the main religion is all about sex and pleasure. There are cartoon images showing men, women and other creatures engaging in hardcore sex. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can get to access all the exclusive comics here.

Design & Features

The site design is pretty basic with simple but eye catching graphics. The choice of colour and simple web graphics makes it very artistic. The site was probably designed by the artist, who does the comics as it feels consistent with everything appearing to be in place. When you open the home page, a cover image and the previews of the latest comics appear. There is a large blue panel on the left side of the page that serves as the main menu. There are about 8 links that will take you to any part of the site.

There is a section for a free comic for non members. You can use this to gauge the quality and style of the cartoons. When you open the latest episode, a number of panels will appear on the screen. You can click on any panel or simply click the first one and use the back or forward arrow to move to the previous or next panel. The image is large enough to occupy almost the full page. There is no full screen or enlarge feature – something they should probably consider – but the image is big enough. The images are high quality and artistic. There is some anime influence, but it is mostly influenced by traditional American style of caricature.


The story is based on an ancient kingdom with a unique culture that is based on sex and pleasure. The main character is Peka, who embarks on a quest throughout the kingdom to look for a special amulet with her horny assistant Neka. Peka later becomes the high priestess of the kingdom and encourages everyone to have as much sex as possible. The whole population is encouraged to do this daily for their own good. Having sex as much as possible is not a big problem for the residents of this mythical land.

There are special creatures that are meant to serve the rest of the population. Imps are female creatures that look like elves and they service the men in the kingdom. This includes the king and other members of the royal family. Trolls are large male creatures with huge cocks, whose job is to service horny females all over the kingdom of enchantae. There are other creatures like alien babies and nude females, who walk around naked. These creatures engage in bizarre sexual practices. The story is quite well thought out and all the creatures create lots of opportunities for hardcore sex, while still making the story captivating and enjoyable. Everyone in the royal family in Enchantae has a number of imps who are at their beck and call every time they get horny. There is a lot of group sex, lesbian sex and all manner of hardcore stuff. There are one on one scenes too between visitors and imps or women who want to welcome them into the kingdom and teach them a little about their culture.


If you love adult comics, this is a site you ought to check out. A good story line that will keep you captivated from one episode to the next. Lots of characters and hardcore sex happen here. The monthly fee is lower than many websites that you will get on most adult comic websites. The adult comic gets 9/10 rating.



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