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EroticaX provides high quality porn content that feature stunning erotic and passionate sex sessions.


EroticaX Review

Site Overview

Porn can be quite the thing once you get to the actual videos, the hardcore stuff, the penetration, the moaning, screaming, sounds of pleasure, the great stuff you can enjoy, though some of it can seem quite fake, and can really prevent you from getting that pleasure. Well, you will be happy to know that this site, EroticaX, is nothing like the ones that I mentioned. It has scenes of complete passion, eroticism, and generally speaking, sex that you always wanted, but could never get for some reason.

Design & Features

And speaking of the beauty and the erotic part, you can see that straight from the start, when you give that first glance, and see the home page. What makes it stand out is the fact that it looks modern, but feels really simple, as browsing is intuitive, and you can go around and open pages very quickly. There is quite a large image on the home page, right there below the menu. It changes automatically, and it shows scenes from the videos. Below, you have many other previews, with names of the stars involved, and captions of the videos, that can portray the stuff from the videos. I also love the way that the content is sorted, with filters that can help you choose the videos within a moment’s notice. With a search bar, you can also locate that content even faster and that makes the site much more likable. But, you should know that without any lag on this site, you can find and load many videos at once, and you can watch them in sequence, without ever being a witness to a stutter. You can also watch the videos from the mobile devices, meaning that the site is optimized, to such an extent that every device is supported.

Girls & Videos

What makes this site even better, besides the exemplary design, is the fact that the porn is so good, the videos are very nice to look at, not only because of the content, but because of the quality of the image, too. I love the fact that everything is so erotic, the passion, and the fucking, mixed together for the best possible effect, and that results in you being able to see very good sex. What is even better is that the girls are so hot, their bodies are amazing to look at, their faces are cute, their boobs are perky. What I loved even more is that you can see those threesomes, foursomes and still see a lot of the passion that this sites prides itself on. And their pride is well put, considering that every video has more passion than you would be able to see on some other sites, their entire content, even.

So, with a resolution that is very high, HD, at least, and very frequent updates, the content becomes fresh every week, sometimes even twice, and that makes you see new things, and enjoy them, at every point. The photos are also great, and their resolution is great. The content is also exclusive, just for your pleasure. Lesbians, threesomes,foursomes, amazing sex that you will not find anywhere else, and much more. There is even a store, and a lot of DVD’s that you can download, and that is even better.


Take your porn with you, grab the DVD’s, or even go for the streaming, get the photos, videos, enjoy it all. This site has all the hardcore content that you might have wanted and I really love it, especially because you can see the fact that it is really passionate. Enjoy HardX, and go worth and have your pleasure.



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