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EuroBabeFacials Review

Site Overview

EuroBabeFacials porn site is one of the fantastic cumshots XXX sites on the Internet these days. It features lots and lots of jizz and cumming on the face. Its XXX scenes usually include handjobs and blowjobs that make you wet. On the site, you have a number of scenes that will leave you leaking with lots of precum – you’d want to rub one out!

Design & Features

To start off this cumshot porn site review, let us first take a look at the website’s design and layout. Speaking of the website’s layout, the number one priority is always to ensure that the members enjoy a smooth browsing experience. The site is designed so that the uppermost section grabs the attention of the members. This is where the main menu is located, after all. In the main menu, you have the choice of checking out several sections such as Videos, Photos, Models, and Bonus Sites. The site loads quite fast so there is no need to wait long to get to where you want to be.

In addition to that, the EuroBabeFacials website offers convenient searching option because of its advanced search tool. Another option that should make searching easy for you are the categories. All of the videos already uploaded to EuroBabeFacials are divided into five categories, which include recently uploaded videos, most rated videos, number of views, and number of comments. The said categories can help the member searching through the overwhelming video archive in order to find that one video they love to watch the most.

The home page is littered with lots of cum and cumshots, really making EuroBabeFacials stand true to its cumshot niche. There will be naked girls featured as banners and side graphics and all of them are covered in jizz. By just looking at the graphics that are featured on the home page, you get a sense of feeling that all the photos and videos in the site are of great quality too. Indeed, EuroBabeFacials takes pride in the fact that they offer only exclusive videos and photos.

Speaking of the videos, there are more than 44 videos in EuroBabeFacials and they are all full-length ones. Of course, the videos have a partner photo set. That means to say that there are also 44 photo sets that you can browse when you are here in EuroBabeFacials. The best thing about the videos is that they are all of high quality. You can expect them to be no less than 1920×1080 in terms of resolution. You should be able to enjoy the videos in different ways – streaming and downloading. The video is generally available in the MP4 format. You can enjoy these videos for quite a reasonable time due to the fact that they have a run time of more or less half an hour. Skipping through scenes is possible too, no buffer, and even allow for pausing and resuming.

As for the photo sets, you will have an average of 115 photos in each of the photo sets. That should give you enough to last you a lifetime! The photos are of good quality as they are also taken on a semi-professional level. Amazingly, the photos were taken indoors and good lighting was ensured, so you can bet that the photos are the ones you should be able to enjoy regardless of what you want to use them for, which I bet is for your fapping time, right? While you may be able to check out the photos through the website, you may also download them one by one or in a single zip file. That is really amazing, if you ask me.

There are also bonus sites that you should be able to gain access to as soon as you become a member of EurobabeFacials. These bonus sites belong to the same network as EuroBabeFacials, which is the Puffy Network. Some of the sites may be familiar to you already, especially if you are the one who loves porn and hardcore stuff a lot. Here are some of the sites that you should be able to enjoy together with your EuroBabeFacials membership: Wet and Puffy, Wet and Pissy, and We Like to Suck.

Girls & Videos

There is so much to like about the girls who are featured here in the EuroBabeFacials porn website. For example, the fact that the girls are okay with hardcore sex as well as the fact that they don’t feel grossed out when they suck on huge dicks. In fact, they find more pleasure in swallowing their partner’s huge dicks! The girls are Europeans and they have such sexy bodies that you cannot say no to. Of course, there are others aside from Europeans here. There are those who come from other countries too.

When it comes to sex, the girls prefer hardcore pleasure, so you won’t be disappointed in them. EuroBabeFacials already have 43 models so you can just pick one among the lot and watch her videos. Their videos will contain hardcore XXX plays including cumshots, creampie, handjobs, blowjobs, and many more!


There are many porn websites in the industry that offer hardcore sex scenes but there are selected few that stands out, especially in the cumshot niche. In this niche, most of the scenes will have blowjobs and handjobs. There are only a few girls who like swallowing a man’s cock. In the EuroBabeFacials porn website, you should be able to enjoy handjobs, blowjobs, and cumshots to your heart’s content. There are also many features that await you when you are here, including exclusive videos and photos. The bonus sites are in the list of good things to have in the site too!


Videos More than 44 Videos
Pics More than 44 Picture Sets
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