ExGirlFriendSluts Review


ExGirlfriendSluts Review

Price: $1.00 (3 days)

ExGirlFriendSluts contains the best amateur girlfriend porn. Featuring pornography submitted by users, there is a large amount of girlfriend porn at ExGirlFriendSluts. The variety of amateur porn at ExGirlFriendSluts makes this a wonderful porn website for anyone interested in amateur pornography. New content is uploaded almost daily and your membership grants admission to other porn websites.


ExGirlFriendSluts Review

ExGirlFriendSluts provides a mind-blowing amount of pornography. The diversity contained at this adult entertainment website really is incredible. View amateur pornography submitted by users at ExGirlfriendSluts. Watch real women at ExGirlFriendSluts as they have every type of sex; though, hardcore sex is not the only type of pornography available. You can also view group scenes, masturbation scenes, wet t-shirt contests, public nudity, and dozens of other types of pornography, at ExGirlFriendSluts. If you are curious about this porn website then read the ExGirlFriendSluts review.

ExGirlFriendSluts has high-definition porn videos

While not all the videos uploaded to ExGirlFriendSluts get filmed in high-definition most of these films are available for HD viewing. With more people owning high-definition video cameras, the amount of amateur pornography that gets filmed in HD has increased. At ExGirlFriendSluts there are almost 1,200 videos. In addition to these videos, there are around 178,456 high quality images at ExGirlFriendSluts. The videos may get downloaded and played on any device with MP4 playback. This includes iPhones and Android devices. When you decide to stream videos at ExGirlFriendsSluts you get full HD playback at 4200 kilobytes per second with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 px. Download a ZIP file containing the image set you wish to view on your computer, for a much quicker download rate. These pictures can get viewed at resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. With such high quality images and videos you can get a great view of all the sexy amateur action.

ExGirlFriendSluts has focused on variety

One of the main draws of ExGirlFriendSluts is the variety. Since a lot of the content is user submitted, there is a wide range of available pornography at ExGirlFriendSluts. Watch real hot women skinny dipping, stripping, and taking part in group activities. There is also a lot of sex to see at ExGirlFriendSluts. Enjoy blow job scenes, anal videos, and other types of sex scenes. The fun is almost never-ending at ExGirlFriendSluts. The website is laid out so that you can easily browse through the thousands of amateur videos at ExGirlFriendSluts. The variety is not limited to the types of pornography available. There is also a large amount of different women. Almost every video and set of images at ExGirlFriendSluts features a different women or group of women. New videos and images get added to ExGirlFriendSluts every day. On some days there are dozens of new videos to take a look at. Check back every day at ExGirlFriendSluts if you want to see the latest and greatest amateur pornography.

Enjoy unlimited admission to bonus porn websites

The amateur pornography at ExGirlFriendSluts should keep you busy for some time; though, there are also bonus adult sites that get included with your membership to ExGirlFriendSluts. These sites include MangaErotica, CzechSexClub, FantasticCumShots, and 3DGirlFriends. Each of these bonus sites covers a separate niche in the porn industry and will give you hours upon hours of enjoyment. All together you can see over 167,795 videos and a further 28,863,247 porn pictures at ExGirlFriendSluts and the bonus porn websites.

Decide on a membership plan to ExGirlFriendSluts

ExGirlFriendSluts is not a free porn website. You will need to decide on a membership plan before the videos at ExGirlFriendSluts are ready for viewing. The greatest value comes in the form of the 90-day plan at $59.95; though, there is also a 3-day trail for only $1.00. When you go through the process of creating an account, your credit card will get charged using a secure credit card server. This trusted third-party will also discreetly charge your credit card without using the name ExGirlFriendSluts and there will be no mention of pornography.

  • $1.00 / 3-day trial plan
  • $34.95 / 1 month
  • $59.95 / 90 days

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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