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FrenchGFs is an amazing porn site that offers more than 10.000 amateur porn videos and super sexy French chicks.


FrenchGFs Review

Site Overview

An awesome and amazing GF site like FrenchGFs will give porn lovers a reason to rejoice and hope with its awesome porn content, sexy sluts and amazingly affordability. FrenchGFs will give a truly phenomenal experience, filled with passion and fire, giving you a whole new vista to understanding sex and porn.

A very well-known fact in the world of sex and porn is the passion of French chicks. French chicks have raw talent when it comes to fucking a guy or getting fucked. Going down and getting dirty is probably in their genes, and are hence, able to keep their men happy. Check out some of the sexiest sluts in France and you will find why this is so. Nudity is a very open thing, and so is sex, and hence, watching someone fucking a slut in public is as cool as kissing your lover or partner. This openness to sex and nudity is very aptly captured in the videos that FrenchGFs possesses.

For the record, FrenchGFs has over 10000 videos, 300+ females and this amazing site is updated with 50 fresh videos every week, adding to the never-ending list of videos. With access to 9 sites at the price of one, FrenchGFs is sure to keep your nights busy forever. To help you take an informed decision about the usefulness of FrenchGFs, a review has been compiled, and provided below for your perusal. This will give you a clear account of why FrenchGFs is a popular site and the factors favouring it.

Design & Features

Let us start with the way the videos are laid out on this site. Obviously, the videos are found in the main body of the page, and the background colour used is white. On this background, high resolution thumbnails of the videos shine brightly, allowing you to view your contents very clearly. The grid format for the placement of the videos is spot-on and one can easily search the contents and go to the video of one’s choice. The thumbnails are large, with the most appropriate snapshot of the video in question.

So, as you scroll down the site and check out the thumbnails, you will find your temperatures soaring and adrenaline rushing to your dicks. There is also a very neat header, giving a clear overview of what to expect on FrenchGFs. The header has a black background, with white text to give a beautiful contrasting effect. The logo in the colours of the French flag on the left-hand side gives the desired effect. French is in blue, GFs in red with a white border for both these. An image of the Eiffel Tower, also in red, completes the logo.

At the centre of the header, the bulleted summary gives you an overview of the contents. 10000 videos, 300 girls, 50 fresh updates per week, 9 bonus sites for the price of one, and unlimited streaming and downloading are the hallmarks of FrenchGFs. At the right-hand side of the header, there is a blue button with the text, Get Instant Access, in white. Clicking on this button takes you to the registration page.

FrenchGFs has also been designed to ensure that the site is responsive to the device used to view the site. Hence, FrenchGFs is compatible with mobiles and iPad and can be easily accessed on these devices. The site is affordable, with a basic monthly membership plan. However, opting for the quarterly or half-yearly plan gives you savings, and the half-yearly plan gives maximum benefit of 40% savings.

Girls & Videos

Let us now get to describe the girls and videos, for this is the most eagerly awaited part of this review. Being French, there is something very special about these chicks. As pointed out in the overview, these chicks are very open with respect to sex and nudity, and are ready to provide you with the immense pleasure you have always been seeking in your life.

Check out the diversity of these girls and you will realize how sexy and kinky they are. There are French ebonies for your jerk-off pleasure. Yes, there are ebony sluts in France and they are as kinky as the ebonies from other nationalities. Additionally, there are blondes, redheads, black-haired sluts and brunettes who love to have their pink pussies and tight asses pounded.

They have exquisite breasts that one would want to grope and fondle throughout the night. The nipples are perky, and meant for sucking. Fucking the pussies is great and the sluts give a very genuine and natural performance. The realism makes watching the videos very pleasurable. The asses are tight, and the sluts love to get them pounded with rock-hard cocks. They have beautiful faces as well, making you fall in love with them instantly.

The videos are as diverse as the girls, and feature threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs, orgies, solo performances and couple sex. Who cannot forget lesbian shows? The lesbian shows are exquisite, and you will find the sluts sucking nipples, eating and fingering pussies and squirting. With the exception of the lesbian shows, all videos end with a cum facial or a creampie, and the sluts love to lick and swap the cum.

The sluts are fucked in various positions, the most widely used positions include the cowgirl, doggy style, reverse entry, reverse cowgirl, standing and missionary positions. The sluts are fucked both indoors and outdoors, and includes bedrooms, bathrooms, in the living room, on the couch, massage table, dining table, gym, as well as in parks, in cars, on the beach, swimming pool and others. Enjoy blowjobs, deepthroats, cum facials and creampies to your heart’s content on FrenchGFs. With such awesome contents, you are sure to keep jerking-off as long as you are watching the videos on FrenchGFs.


Overall, FrenchGFs elevates the porn contents considerably and gives an outstanding viewing experience. FrenchGFs has a great design and simple features that make it so awesome. Tens of thousands of videos, hundreds of chicks, HD quality videos, 50 fresh updates a week, responsive design, unlimited downloads and streaming and an unmatched affordability are the exact reasons why one should subscribe to FrenchGFs.


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