GayVideosNetwork Review



GayVideosNetwork offers exciting gay contents. You can enjoy many videos and many photos of hardcore gay contents.


GayVideosNetwork Review

Site Overview

Gayvideosnetwork is a gay porn site that presents plenty of hardcore stuff. You get to view tender handsome lads screwing each other. There are real muscles spraying cum into the assholes of their partners. There is a lot of steamy action for the viewer with an appetite for real intense sensual encounters on the porn scene. Sit still and prepare to view men suck dicks until they cum. There are some tough dudes who enjoy two dicks in their ass at the same time. A bit of tenderness is also seen as the dudes kiss in romantic encounters.

Design & Features

The site has a dark grey décor for its background hue. Dudes can be seen doing their thing in the background in the animated captions right on the top pane of the landing page. There is a clear intention to signal the viewer as to what lies below. The design of the website is great. I loved the fact that I could click on a menu and quickly sample what the site offers. I could also flip down the pages to have a glimpse of what happens in the scenes. These scenes are tagged; which means that I could jump into the heart of action at my convenience. The loading of the various pages is fast enough. It was a smooth sailing for me as I clicked on scenes and shifted categories almost in real time.

Navigation is made easy; not only by the various access options but also by the faster loading speeds that the site proved to provide. If you have a mobile device that you would like to savor the entertainment on this site with, you are provided with a perfectly mobile friendly platform. I managed to stream videos from both PC and Smartphone. I did not notice any difference. Everything that I did on PC was possible on mobile phone too. There are no live cam shows or bonuses on this site but you are provided with a large pool of content to stream and download as much as you wish.

Guys & Videos

I hope your party is already in session and won’t be jerked if I reminded you that there are no girls to savor on the site. This is a pure gay site that features attractive dudes ranging from energetic lads in their prime to more experienced pornstars with well built bodies, muscle and sexy mane. There is plenty of dick sucking by the lads. Most of the action happens in bareback. There are few scenes that feature dudes draped in their underwear or other apparel. I love the way the boys lose themselves into the heat of the moment.

One of my favorite scenes involves Paul and Shawn Cohen. This romantic duo got my pants wet as they made love with such passion that you couldn’t help thinking that it is for real. There is little to show in their encounter that they are doing it for the camera. Paul sucks away at Shawn’s dick until the latter begins to moan with pleasure. Paul seems the dominant dude here as he leads his partner to further romantic encounter by stroking his balls and laying him in a comfortable position for a smooth fuck. The penetration is so fluid that you almost feel along with the dudes as they raise temperatures and enjoy each other’s flesh. The rest of the encounter can only be described as a sizzler. There are over 84 video scenes that come with 25 minutes playback in each. You also get a large number of galleries to savor. You are privy to the 397 galleries that contain an average of 25 pics a piece. The files come in DVD and Flash Player formats.


Gayvideosnetwork is an exclusive content gay site that seeks to provide sensual entertainment for people with an appetite for intense stuff. This site provides some of the best quality porn stuff you will see online. The dudes portray a natural stance and look very attractive.



Videos More than 84 Videos
Pics More than 397 Pictures Galleries
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