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Nerdy girls are your passion? Have a great time with them on GeekGirlSex.


GeekGirlSex Review

Site Overview

GeekGirlSex is a porn site that features and hallmarks ladies wearing glasses and looking like your typical bookworm; but that’s not it. These ladies have more than just books and work in their minds, and they are not afraid to show it. Just because they are labeled as “geeks” and “nerds” (and probably depicted as such in the site itself), it is okay to presume that these girls want the same thing you do: sex and even more sex. The girls of GeekGirlSex may have rocked the glasses thing and they might come out as someone with no experience when it comes to hardcore intercourse, but it turns out to be different each time a scene progresses. GeekGirlSex defies the norm of the usual depiction of nerdy girls. I would just like to put it out there that there is a very fine line between geeky and freaky – and by freaky, I really mean freaky. Freaky in a sense that these bimbos will do the deed almost anywhere at any time.

Design & Features

GeekGirlSex’s navigation is excellently easy to work through once you get the hang of it. It isn’t confusing and it is straight to the point. The website theme is clean, basic, and essential. The links are found in the most obvious of places, which makes it easier for members to find their way through. Inherently, to have access to the features and videos that are obtainable and derivable inside GeekGirlSex, you’ll have to be a premium member. Of course, if you prefer to check it out in a short term deal, a five day trial is of availability but like I said, it only lasts for five days and it doesn’t mean you can completely have access to each and every feature there is. Also, if you go for the five days trial and decide to have it extended, the recurring fee would cost even more than the monthly fee being asked for when you apply for a monthly membership. I would recommend going directly for a premium and monthly membership right away since the price difference is a little high. Being a member, which its membership you can renew every month, you are entitled to a lot more than videos and photos.

When you become a member, you will be able to view and enter other websites that are in the same network. That’s a high number, with 60 HD videos and more available. You will access other porn sites like Anal Hell, Tempting Trannys, Taboo Trannys, Slutty Gaggers, Slutty Squirters, HotTeensKissing, and many more. GeekGirlSex may be the main focus of the membership, but a little extra never hurts. In actuality, it’s pretty neat. Back to GeekGirlSex, the videos are good to go for online streaming via an embedded Flash player and high speed downloading. When you stream a certain scene, you will be given a choice to view it in full HD or nah. Highest resolution you will get is at 1280 x 720. When downloading, different formats will be chosen from; like an MP4 format, a WMV format, or an MPEG format. You can also choose whether you want it in 1280 x 720p, 720 x 480p, or in 960 x 540p. Having a fast internet connection can help you speed up the entire process of downloading. Don’t worry, as soon as you finish the downloads, the files you just saved to your computer will be yours to keep forever. Aside from videos, the photo sets that contain around a hundred high resolution individual photos is considered a deal maker. They are of really great quality and they are mostly filled of the erotic deeds of our geeky damsels in sexual distress.

Girls & Videos

When you get introduced to the girls of GeekGirlSex, you will never look at geeky ladies the same way ever again. These females are into different kinds of play. May it be normal sex between a man and a woman, or some kinky lesbian sex that involves toys being shoved at their soaking wet genitalia. There is a lot of posing and masturbating present in this site, as well as the usual role play that includes studying and working. The niche is pretty common, if you ask me but that does not stop the videos from being interesting.


Honestly, I had high expectations of GeekGirlSex after doing the tour. It seemed like a very promising porn site and the niche is kind of unique compared to the many other porn sites I have come across these past few months. Their genre, having geek girls turn into slutty tramps when they aren’t reading or working, is something that tickled my fancy. I love geeky, nerdy girls and there were some points in life that I just loved to imagine them writhing beneath me, clad in their miniskirts and their large frames. So I was kind of surprised and excited when I got introduced to GeekGirlSex. The scenes were very graphic and they portray a lot of intense sex scenes. The plot lines aren’t very deep and the acting is very porn like – you know, those porn stars that unsurprisingly just sucks at acting but are very good at riding that cock and getting that pussy wet – but that’s because it’s porn. No deep, sensible plot lines but that ploy actually works. Less sense, more sex.

The downside to GeekGirlSex is that they only have a few videos available, that’s around a thirty or so number of videos, in a 12 minute span each. The quality is amazing though and you get your money’s worth once you sign up as a member. You will also be able to access other extra sites that are within the network and when I say extra, I meant a lot of it. There are around 50 to 60 other sites that are free once you register for GeekGirlSex. Oh, and did I mention that I loved every minute of it? I don’t want to sound biased and all, but it really is a very worthwhile choice.


Videos More than 60 Videos
Pics More than 60 Pictures Sets
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Categories hardcore, nerdy

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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