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GFMelons is an amateur site full of videos and photos of breasts. Breasts are the main focus of GFMelons, but there is an occasional hardcore video. The videos are amateur and submitted by individual users. There is no telling what you are going to get when viewing a video or photo set. There are thousands of different picture sets and videos at GFMelons.


GFMelons review

GFMelons is the only website needed for those that want to watch tons of videos of female breasts. That is what you get at GFMelons – videos of women showing of their breasts. There are large melons, small melons, perky melons, and more. Despite all these breasts there is still some sex. That is right, even though these women want to show the world their breasts, they cannot help sending videos of themselves getting it up the rear and giving blow jobs. Overall, most of the videos are bouncing breasts in front of the screen. Check out GFMelons and the rest of the details about this odd amateur website.

GFMelons has lots of breasts

As stated above, GFMelons is your home for breasts. These are real women and the models are 100% amateur. There is no doubt that these women are not professional porn stars and that they simply want everyone to see their bouncing breasts. All the videos are user-submitted. On the trial homepage users get a link that people can click on to send their own videos. If you want to show everyone your breasts, it is easy to do. The creators do not offer much money for this, but users get a chance to win some money. If a video gets voted as a favorite the user that submitted the video gets $500. This lack of money might be the reason that the content can seem stale or boring. In general, the images feature bouncy breasts, but GFMelons has a few images where the women do not even take off their tops. This is only true when discussing the images. The videos are all nude.

GFMelons is difficult to navigate

If you like watching breasts then you might enjoy GFMelons; however, there are plenty of disadvantages to this website. The main problem is the lack sex. I guess with a name like GFMelons and a focus on breasts users should not expect sex scenes, but there are some. Also, the website is not easy to navigate. There is no real structure to help users navigate. There is a search bar, but it is not very helpful. The lack of features detracts from GFMelons.

GFMelons includes 12 amateur websites

The main redeeming factor when talking about GFMelons is the 12 or more bonus websites. GF network, which includes GFMelons, has over 12 amateur websites in its fold. The exact number varies as they are always planning on adding more sites. If you are thinking of whether you should get a membership to GFMelons you should check out the bonus sites first. This may sway your opinion. The other sites include GFHardcore, GirlfriendOrgasms, DirtyWivesExposed, and MyAlternativeGF. Among these bonus amateur websites you will get hardcore sex videos and images. Each site has thousands of videos and thousands of image galleries.

GFMelons membership and payment

After checking out the bonus sites and realizing that GFMelons is just a small part of a large network of amateur content, you might want to get a membership. There are options to fit any budget and a trial plan that you can get to give it a try. The trial plan provides some limits to what you get to view and download, but gives you enough of a taste to decide if you want a longer membership fee. Just make sure that you decide quickly because after 1 day the trial becomes a recurring membership at $39.95 a month. The 30-day plan is only $27.95, so you get save money if you decide to switch to the 30-day plan. You can pay with your credit card or use a check. Here is the complete listing of membership prices:

  • $1.00 / for 1-day trial
  • $27.95 / for 1-month ($0.83/day)
  • $59.97 / for 3-months ($0.67/day)

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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