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GodsOfMen presents an incredible collection of gay porn videos. Enjoy tons of amazing sexy dudes.


GodsOfMen Review

Site Overview

True, all men may look alike, may have the same physique and physiognomy; but not all men are the same; not all men are equal, and not all men can dazzle. Same applies to websites offering gay porn contents to the world; not all porn sites have the right content; not all porn sites have the necessary features, and not all porn sites can thrill with passion. Be that as it may, only the very best website loaded with the sexiest of dudes can qualify as a great gay porn website. Such are the requirements for the CyberSocket Web Awards to determine which would go home with the Surfers’ Choice Award for Best Mobile site. And for GodsOfMen to win this prestigious award 3 times in a row (2012, 2013, and 2014), you need not ask anymore which is the best and most adorable all-men, all-hardcore, all-stunning website on the internet.

No other site can boast of at least 6 different awards from the biggest awards bodies rating internet porn like GodsOfMen has achieved in a short space of less than five years. This is a truly remarkable feat that proves that this is the site to beat; the ultimate channel for the very best of hardcore cock and anal fucking for those who love the gay porn orientation. It’s the huge cocks on display, the tight assholes getting slammed, the amazing cock sucking scenes, the jizz swallowing, the hard muscles, the sweat, the intensity, and so much unbelievable and earthshaking ejaculation of cum that makes it tick. It’s indeed a site loaded with so much fun, so much thrills, and so many wonderful man-to-man fucking like never seen before. These guys have no time for women trouble; they are not interested in the emotional and psychological uncertainties that females bring to the table; neither are they interested in the flabby bodies, fat asses, and gaping assholes of ladies. These guys only love the hard body of their mates, the firmness of their butts, the full throbbing vigor the super hard dicks provide, and the awesomeness of the muscles grabbing the bodies in a pool of sweat, musk, and genuine male romance. This is the number one site for all men across the world who desire to see nothing but nonstop asshole pumping; where cocks find solace in tight anuses, thumping them like there is no tomorrow. Indeed, when men fuck, the earth trembles.

GodsOfMen presents the true gods of men, the top of the crop in the world of gay porn; those that have made a name as the best porn models for this sexual orientation. These guys are bold, they are courageous, they are talented, and they are exceptionally creative. Every video on GodsOfMen is original, raw, and exclusive; you would never find them anywhere else on the planet unless you subscribe to this terrific gay channel. Videos from well over 500 of the biggest names in the gay world are lined up exclusively for you to choose from and enjoy. But be sure that no matter which you choose to watch or download, you’ll get nothing but 100% satisfaction from the kind of pleasure that your mind would feel. Tattooed men, huge cock men, big muscle men, handsome men, tall men, well-built men, and men of the finest breeds are all up for show; featuring in amazing porn movies that have been beautifully and masterfully scripted and shot for your viewing delight. They are indeed special to have as companion as you get set to whack off and have a good time.

Design & Features

7 awards in less than 5 years sure confirm only one thing – GodsOfMen is the topnotch gay porn site of the world. Nomination after nomination, award after award, hundreds of thousands of voters, dozens of countries, and so many viewers completely glued to the exceptional fun that awaits the eyes on GodsOfMen gives it a special place in the hearts of gay sex worldwide. With well over 500 of the finest gay guys on parade, you can be sure never to get bored or tired of watching new and exciting sex stunts being displayed day after day. That is because these guys take their work serious and keep producing spellbinding videos for your consumption. These are uploaded and updated on the site every single day, ensuring that you get to see something new as every day breaks. No matter how much time you have in your hands, you can never finish consuming as much as 3,000 hardcore gay movies in a year. Even if you dare, more are added daily to meet your appetite. Indeed, this is the world’s largest archive of all the very best gay fuck videos. Nowhere else would you find anything more brilliant than, or hardcore as this site.

Guys & Videos

The men of GodsOfMen are indeed specially gifted with innate abilities to satisfy their viewers, big time. They are a special breed carefully selected from a crop of would-be porn stars. They have got the talent, the creativity, and the courage to dazzle. And added to those, they have been trained and exposed to industry standards and best practices, making them true professionals in what they do. Johnny Rapid, Paddy O’Brian, Colby Jansen, Tyler St.James are just a few of the big names waiting to thrill you on this magnificent site. These are award winning guys who rock the gay porn world like no one else. Unless you don’t watch at all; otherwise, one view alone would get you hooked. The images are crisp, the sounds very clear, and the angles from which these videos are shot, very creative. All these, added to the skills of these special gay guys makes the videos on GodsOfMen completely unique and out of this world.


There are porn sites and there are porn sites indeed, GodsOfMen is head and shoulder above every other porn site in its niche. Others can try, but only GodsOfMen gets it right. Brilliant videos of guys fucking each other, loads of amazing content and website features, and simplicity of usage and navigation makes GodsOfMen the ultimate place to be.



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