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Hairy Twatter

Price: $19.99 30 days

Bored of the endless porn featuring girls with shaven pussies? Like your ladies a little more ‘natural’? Check out HairyTwatter – a premium porn site dedicated to beautiful girls with bushy beavers. From solo play to hardcore fucking, and girl on girl sex to pee play, this site has a lot to offer.


This site has it all: solo girls with sex toys, girl on girl licking and strapon action, women sucking cocks or being fucked, and even some kinkier fetish action. But unlike most similar porn sites it has a unique twist: all the ladies at HairyTwatter have naturally hairy pussies – no shaven havens in sight!
It’s a pretty straightforward niche and HairyTwatter fills the gap in the market as a porn site dedicated to those who want to see hot, horny women with bushy beavers rather than the usual hairless porn stars you find everywhere else. If gorgeous girls with hairy twats are your kind of thing then you’re gonna love this!

What to expect from HairyTwatter

Everything and anything goes at HairyTwatter, and every single movie and photo features one (or more!) stunning porn star with a hairy pussy and an insatiable desire to have it filled, with fingers toys or a hard cock!
While the porn industry is obsessed with shaven pussies and huge fake tits, HairyTwatter is obsessed with natural beauty – and especially naturally hairy twats. These models are gorgeous, horny, and hairy, from sweet trimmed pubes to full-grown bushes. If you’re into hairy girls, this site has all the action you could possibly want, including solo, lesbian, boy on girl and fetishes.
There are more than 140 videos in full HD quality, and more than 8,000 hi-res photos to browse. All of the content is both incredibly hot and excellently shot: the production values are high, the sets real and well-lit and the models stunning. It’s a little limited compared to many other porn sites because the focus is so narrow, but there’s still enough to keep you going. And it’s also updated every week, with a new video and photo set to enjoy.

Why choose HairyTwatter?

The selection isn’t overly extensive, but what is there is very good. There are plenty of models to choose from, each starring in one or more raunchy videos and dozens of hot photos. The action is as varied as the models – whether you want to watch a gorgeous girl work a toy into her furry snatch or drop to her knees and suck a big hard cock, it’s all here. All of the content can be downloaded without restrictions, and believe me, there’s a lot here that you will want to watch over and over. This is also a paradise for shaving fetishists, and there’s even a couple of watersports/pee videos.
Of course, if hairy pussies really aren’t your thing then you won’t enjoy this site. However, if you have a fetish for bushy twats or just fancy a change from the usual, this is an excellent place to find natural, horny porn stars doing what they do best. The cameramen also do a great job, getting up close to the action and capturing every second in its high definition glory.
Hairy cunts is obviously a pretty narrow fetish to focus a whole site on, and the amount of content here reflects that in some ways. It’s not as extensive as some porn sites, but there is a decent amount, and content is added every week. HairyTwatters is also fully mobile compatible, so subscribers can access the action on the go.

Everything else

A free two-day trial should be plenty to give you a taste and for you to decide whether HairyTwatters is for you. And besides, there’s very little to see without joining, so the free trial is an excellent way to find out more!
Like many porn sites nowadays HairyTwatter does have a link to a live cam section, but it’s not really a part of HairyTwatter (and the majority of models here don’t have hairy twats!) and of course, costs extra.
HairyTwatter (and the cam site) is a part of the DDF Network of sites, although subscribing to HairyTwatter doesn’t give you access to the full selection of DDF porn sites which is a bit of a shame.


It’s pretty straightforward: if you like to see women with natural, hairy crotches getting dirty for your satisfaction, this is an excellent site. It’s difficult to find porn of this quality, and almost impossible if you’re looking for stunning porn stars with furry pussies, so HairyTwatter is a damn good find.

Subscription deals

$19.99/30 days
$54.99/90 days
$94.99/365 days

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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