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The HardcorePowerTools is exactly what it sounds like, features huge sex toys to satisfy the girls.


HardcorePowerTools Review

Site Overview

If you are familiar with Tim Allen’s book then you probably know what’s the meaning of “tool time”. The web developer and all of the guys behind the scene of Hardcore Power Tools have taken the page seriously and decided to develop a certain porn site featuring sex toys. Apparently, it is good for horny guys and great news for sluts who can only be satisfied by sophisticated sex toys such as the 110 volts power raw pussy pounding machine. Now that’s terrific!

Design & Features

The site has been in the porn filming industry for over than 6 years. Back then between the year of 2010, they only featured 15 videos and 15 sets of images. Although there’ve featured a few sets of lustful videos, there are lots of horny guys stayed on the page and subscribed. Today, you’ll find the largest selection of powerhouse hardcore fucking machines. These machines are way too better than meats because of the fact that they vibrate. In fact, most of these horny sluts to be featured prefer to use them and take our place in bed. Most of the scenes are featured on the site begins with the chick introducing herself. Take note that these are models and not some kind of sluts they’ve found on the street. In fact, most of them are good-looking, great body figures and smooth skins. Of course, each one of them has their own unique features. But, they all have one thing in common and that is to play those mean and green fucking machines. They get naked afterward and start to seduce everyone who’s watching. Some may jerk off just a bit (for warmup I guess) while others may seduce you a second longer. As soon as your dick turned hard as a rock, it’s time for you to see how good they are when playing with their toys and be fucked by those machines.

For those of you guys out there who want to see blowjobs, don’t you worry the site does. Each movie consists of a series minute long clip. You can simply watch them right on the site if you don’t prefer to download. The videos can be saved in several types of formats including high definition windows media player that looks pretty much sensational. When it comes to the images, you’ll see lots of hot sluts getting naked and fucked by those machines. You’ll see them playing their toys as they suck and lick it, stick the thingamajig at their pussies or in their tight asses. You can view the images in slideshows, but you are not allowed to download the images unless you become a member in zip files. You are allowed to view the video caps as slideshows and see them what they are doing with their toys. The slideshows will give you the idea of what they’re up to. When it comes to the site, you might be confused and overwhelmed because of so many images and videos in front of you. The graphic interface is simple and easy to navigate.

You can get an instant access as you join and register. The join now button can be found on the right side of the homepage. As becoming a member of the site, you’ll be grateful to know that you can access over than ten sites by Fucking Awesome Network that features quality images and videos, fast streaming and daily updates. Despite the fact that the site only got a few contents, it truly deserves a strong commendation.

Girls & Videos

As of now there are 56 videos available at the homepage. These videos run about more or less than 20 minutes. There will be screaming, squealing, and of course, the best part of the video “squirting”. You can download these in full-length WMP in full HD and flash player. You’ll see lots of hot chicks like Samantha. She’ll get naked for you and show her round ass. She has a picture perfect gorgeous face and her body is hot as hell. She likes to play her big dildo strapped to the end of a gasoline powered fuck machine. She likes to use her tits, sucking the toy and sticking it in her pussy and ass. She screams so loud because of pleasure. I like the way she dressed especially when she take them off and the eyeglass is perfect. Cloe looks so innocent, but this girl knows how to have fun using her toy. She prefers to stick it into her ass and really likes the doggie. She has a nice figure, smooth legs, tight lil ass and her boobs are just perfect for her body. She’s so slim and she is my type of bitch that looks like Maggie Q. She really knows how to flirt in front of the camera and that’s what makes me slobber. Cloe turns the machine into the max speed as the toy hammers her pussy that makes her screams the “F” word often. You will see her juice all over the place and that’s way too cool.


If you are into artificial sex porn stars, then this place is the perfect spot for you. New materials are now being developed and soon will be featured. You also get access to some of the freakiest sex scenes on the internet with no cost. All of them are available in high resolution with full of details. All the girls are fucked with high powered machines.



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