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HardGonzo Review

Site Overview

Have you ever shared your sexual fantasies with your friends? Or better yet, to your partner? If you have answered no to both of these questions; why not? Are you worried that once they have discovered your sexual interests, their impression on you might change? Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us. With all the different porn genres that we get to explore and talk about every day here at the office as we write porn reviews for different porn sites, nothing, I believe, will be able to surprise us anymore. We might have seen everything already. In fact, we also like exploring these bizarre porn genres, more often referred to as gonzo porn. When you have an unexpected niche that is a little bit on the intense side of things, then that niche would most likely be considered as gonzo porn. You might not be able to search for specific porn sites that cater to these fetishes before, but today, in this modern world where every single thing could be found on the internet, you will be pleasantly surprised that each one of your fantasies has porn sites dedicated to them. What we have noticed though is that they are separate from each other. There are sites dedicated for double penetration. There are sites for orgies and group sex. However, it is a bit difficult to find one particular site that caters to all your gonzo needs, all in one place. Until now. Yes, you might have guessed already that the porn site that we are going to talk about today is going to feature gonzo porn. Hence, without further ado, we present to you, HardGonzo.

This porn site is one of the most popular porn sites on the Puba porn network. This adult network has brought us countless of high-quality porn sites, usually dedicated to a particular porn star. The porn site that we are going to talk about today, though, does not focus on a particular star, but instead, it focuses on the entire category of gonzo porn. Having said that, you can expect to see some badass and hardcore sex scenes right here which includes double penetration, anal fuck, ass-to-mouth, and more! If you are a fan of these types of porn videos then we are sure that you would enjoy certainly enjoy signing up as a member for HardGonzo. This is why we already took the liberties of sharing with you the different membership plans that this site has to offer. Technically, they have three different plans: a one-month, a three-month and a five-day plan. However, we think that the five-day option is a trial membership of sorts. What sets it apart from other sites’ trial access, though, is the fact that it already permits full access to different membership perks, unlike the others that only permit limited access.

Design & Features

We thought that the porn site is going to be intense, bearing tough colors and different harsh visual elements, but it didn’t. The porn site still looked sleek and classy, true to the brand of Puba porn network. In fact, even the entire layout of the site looked similar to the other porn sites within the network. You would sense the same feeling from some of the settings of the scenes in the porn site – but not in all. Most of the scenes were shot inside a fancy looking room. In any case, aside from the header showing Asa Akira getting fucked, the homepage is otherwise filled with thumbnails representing the latest videos that they have recently uploaded. These thumbnails show different information about the scenes like its title, the length of the video, and the name of the pornstars featured in them. There are also thumbnails that represent photo albums, and in this case, instead of the video’s length or duration, you are going to see the number of the photos inside the album instead.

Girls & Videos

Aside from the amazing high-quality of their videos and photos, another thing that we have loved about this site is the fact that they mostly star the most famous of stars in the industry. In fact, most of the porn stars that you are going to see in the porn site (and in the entire Puba porn network), are all award winners. Lily Carter, for instance, who also has a separate site dedicated to her, has already won a lot of different Best Actress awards from different award-giving bodies. Other than famous porn stars, though, the porn site description itself mentioned that they also feature hot Czech girls. You would not need to worry even so because the entire site promotes variety. The only things that may be common among the videos are the themes – and even those vary a lot. After all, this porn site seeks to feature all the different subcategories of gonzo.


And this is exactly the reason why we love this porn site in the first place. We cannot tell you how challenging it is to find a site that is complete and dedicated to featuring gonzo porn because the niche itself is so vast that it could prove difficult for a porn site to even dare make a collection – but this one did. This makes HardGonzo the ultimate place to find the double penetration videos that you absolutely enjoy, anal action that puts the anal videos of other porn sites to shame (because really, who could compete in seeing Asa Akira being fucked from behind), and all the other gonzo videos of your dreams. In the end, we totally recommend this site to all the porn fans out there, even for those who are not yet very accustomed to watching gonzo porn yet. If you are looking for a place to start watching this kind of porn, HardGonzo is the perfect place to start.



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