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HelplessBoys is an amazing gay porn site that provides exciting fetish videos that you will not find somewhere else.


HelplessBoys Review

Site Overview

Awesome gay xxx site, HelplessBoys gives you a collection of fetish-filled porn movies that feature Good Samaritans and stranded guys on the roads. However, in this world, it seems that everything has a price. It turns out that these desperate guys have to let their saviors drill their anal holes first before being permitted to ride back to the city. Come and check out the wicked yet interesting bareback scenes today!

Design & Features

HelplessBoys is a porn site that any fetish-lover would love. From the name of the site, it is easy to expect a domination scene. Well, on the homepage, the photos of gorgeous guys asking for help are beautifully littered. There are plenty of photos available for each episode and pretty much, you can picture out what would happen in the full-length videos.

The latest updates are among the first to greet you on the official website. The videos are supported by interesting summaries. Looking at the pictures and reading the stories would make you feel hot and horny. The Good Samaritans in the videos are handsome and you can see on their crotches that they’ve got big cocks. And certainly, they crave to fuck anal holes, which explains their behavior of taking advantage of the stranded guys on the road.

The sexual contents here are organized and there are sorting tools to get you straight to what you want to see. Right away, you would see the names of the performers as well as some of the hottest parts of the movies. It would really be hard to resist a collection like this, especially if you’re a solid gay porn fan. The visual quality is no doubt presented at its finest and the number of available videos can keep you satisfied around the clock.

Guys & Videos

HelplessBoys allows you to feast on deepthroating scenes and bareback fucking that often happen at the back of a vehicle. The videos go with the theme, stranded guys being taken advantage of by the supposedly good Samaritans. These amateur models are usually clean-cut, cleanly shaven and they look like the boy-next-door.

On the other hand, the dominating guys here look very manly and they are into rough sex as well. On some episodes, you would see them using ropes to tie their fresh boys before stuffing their mouths with their rock-hard cocks! Made possible for you by the great Fetish Network, there is really no reason to think twice when it comes to joining this porn site.


Gorgeous guys in their twenties would think twice first before they camp out in the woods or look for a relative’s place once they’ve seen the porn stories being offered by HelplessBoys. The hardcore gay collection has a kinky twist and most of the scenes showcase domination. The name of the site gives you an idea of what the contents are all about. However, seeing with your own eyes the way the stranded guys are being fucked by their supposed saviors would surely awaken your deepest desires and fantasies.


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