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IndianSexLand has more than 500 videos of hot amateur Indian women that will keep you entertained long time.


IndianSexLand Review

Site Overview

One of the most famous Asian porn sites, without a doubt, featuring hundreds of hot and sexy Indian women is IndianSexLand. One of the many porn sites from porn heavyweight Yelloplum Ltd., IndianSexLand is a doorway leading to hundreds of amateur videos and even better, thousands of sexy and down-to earth sluts whose sexually promiscuous nature has them leave their shyness at the door as they suck and fuck without regret. If the word is anything to go by, then

IndianSexLand is the premier-most site for all Indian fantasies. Watch them spread their juicy pussies and bootylicious fat asses for your meaty cock to fuck intensely. These beautiful and amazing chicks will pull you out of reality and into their world of hot steamy sex and cum tasting. Your body will come alive from the pure sexual energy after watching these Indian divas seduce you with their sultry moves. Your cock will yearn for the warm and wet pussies for the intense moments of pleasure. A review of IndianSexLand will help you understand how this will help you in achieving the kind of pleasures you are seeking, and especially how it will help your meat to relieve itself after a day’s stressful work.

Design & Features

IndianSexLand looks amazing and has all that eye-candy goodness to keep you focused on what is important. An image of the iconic Taj Mahal in the background of the banner at the top sets the tone for the rest of the site. The two tanned and naked chicks, will cast a magical spell on you, allowing your cock to salute their birthday suits. One is seen sucking a hard cock, while groping and fondling her boob. The other slut is seen standing. Her chocolate skin and dark chocolate nipples look awesome on the perfectly sculpted breasts. Inviting you to the land of forbidden areas of India, IndianSexLand will surely give you enough food for your cock to enjoy.

The colour scheme is awesome, with a coloured background. A pale pink on either side of a purple patch gives you everything you require. A brown floral design separates these colours, on the left and right. There is a beautiful shade of green spreading across the site, on the banner at top, and as the background colour for the video thumbnails. The riot of colours on IndianSexLand is astounding. There is also a colourful logo on the banner, with Indian in golden and SexLand in green. The three niches in which IndianSexLand offers its videos are seen in thumbnails pictures, with the captions Indian Amateur, Indian Hardcore and Indian Lesbian.

There are a couple of tour pages for you to explore. Each tour page has half-a-dozen of video thumbnails, while the site has over 500 videos for you to explore. There are interesting captions that will attract you immensely, for India is truly a place of cultural and physical diversity. Each video has a caption, a large thumbnail of the chick, and four photos of the slut in her birthday suit or sexily clad to seduce you. A description and the place she belongs to complete the information in the thumbnails. There are sluts from various parts of India, and there are others from neighbouring countries, including Bangladesh. Affordability is guaranteed, for IndianSexLand is among the most reasonably priced sites in the world. And coming from the Yellowplum stable, you can be assured of this. If you are a lover of Indian sex, and want to enjoy for the long-term, the one-year plan will be the best. Else, you can also tryout the monthly or quarterly plan, if you want to explore this in the short-run.

Girls & Videos

It is no secret that the hundreds of amateur models featured on the Yellowplum Limited platform are nothing short of spectacular. These amazing beauties exude confidence on the films, and show why they are the goddesses of Indian porn. They know how to seduce men, not by stripping in one go, but going slowly, one piece at a time. Indians are best in sarees, and there are many layers of clothing that need to be removed before the slut is naked. The saree itself is over 6 meters in length, draped in a very specific style. Removing the saree is one of the most intricate and seductive moves a guy can do to entice a slut.
To make matters more tantalizing, the blouse and bra could be removed, leaving the slut with only the flimsy and translucent saree to cover her modesty. And when the saree is slowly removed, allowing it to drop down to her nipples, and then fully exposing the mounds and mountain peaks, the effect is scintillating.

You will find many such scenes on IndianSexLand. There are threesomes, couple-sex and lesbian shows galore here. Most of the chicks are tanned, a colour that many Americans and Europeans are envious of. No wonder, these sluts visit beaches to get tanned, albeit unsuccessfully. Shouldn’t they come and settle down in India? You’ll find blowjobs, pussy fucking, double nipple sucking, double penetration, and many more kinky acts on IndianSexLand. Indian sex is one of the best, and Yellowplum has envisioned to give the porn world nothing but the best Indian sex. A trendsetter of sorts, IndianSexLand features hundreds of amateurs who love to get fucked in the most forbidden ways, taking cum into their mouths, asses and pussies. You will only want to fuck these bitches, and yearn that the night never ends, allowing you to enjoy them for eternity.


If you are thinking how Indians can add wonders to your fuck and jerk-off sessions, then IndianSexLand is where you should head to. A stunning and colourful site, user-friendly and complete in all respects, and an array of chicks in their kinkiest and sexiest avatars can give you the pleasure you have always been seeking. The women are at the top of their game, exhibiting top-notch sexual performances and entertainment that makes you want to fuck their wet, creamy pussies. Competitive pricing without burning a hole in your pocket is what IndianSexLand gives you. So, what more do you need to decide? Join now!


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