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InnocentHigh has a lot of hardcore sex that will drive you crazy. Naughty chicks with a great sexual appetite are here for you.


InnocentHigh Review

Site Overview

The attractions between tutors and their chicks are not anything new. The action on Innocent High is a reinvention and reality presentation that reflects the sexual attractions and encounters that occur all around. The girls are naughty on Innocent High. They are out to get the best grade they can. They are willing to get an A at any cost.

Design & Features

Innocent High is wrapped in an impressive dark brown color. The text comes in white, green and blue. There are many tagged captions of hot girls in various scenes as they get down with their tutors in various sex action stunts. I could check out the flicks for updates or go to the list of categories and sample what impressed me most. I loved the model index that allows you a glimpse at the many hot sexy and naughty girls. There are scene descriptions that account for the naughty acts between the nerds and their tutors. Users can also use the scene trailers to catch a quick glimpse of the action that ensues on the platform.

If you wish to view content with a polished focus, be my guest. You are provided with an effective search tool that helps you access the content you are looking for with much ease. You only need to type a search term into the search box and you will have your solutions splashed out right before you in a second. Mobile phone users can also check out the movies with a range of devices including tablets and iPhone. All the latest movies on Innocent High come in high-quality specs. The videos are also exclusive. I thought this was really great. The element of exclusivity is great value for money for a lot of fans like me. Check out your entire bonus under Team Skeet Network.

Girls & Videos

You are treated to sexy, teasing and highly sensual encounters that come out naturally and spontaneously. The girls are out to get what they want. Well, what they want is a good grade. They also want the best boy on the football field. The dudes are decent classy men focused on their teaching and administrative duties but soon they get caught in the urges of their flesh, thanks to the clever, well-planned traps by the girls at Innocent High. The shooting of the videos is skillful, creative and professional. I particularly loved the varying locations. You are treated to smoking hot action in offices, flirting scenes that border on strip teasers; in the corridors at Innocent High and even more action in cars.

Check out the lovely hot Cece Capella in her titillating sex encounter with her Principal named Rich. Apparently, the girl has got a good excuse to ask her principal to ride her home. Her mother has not shown up to pick her. The principal has always had ideas about the girl but as a good leader, he had kept his feelings largely to himself. This is the day he was caught napping. Cece appears to have always known that Rich has hots for her. She does not hesitate to show her cleavage and begin to fondle with Rich’s fly. She goes on to remove his already hard cock from his pants and begins to suck him. Rich reluctantly puts forth protestations but the girls are focused and bent on getting down with the dude. What ensues thereafter is anyone’s guess. Rich has Cece in his arms and folds her for a deep penetration. The session ends in an explosive and noisy orgasm between the two.

You are treated to over 415 videos with an average playback of 30 minutes each. Most of the videos are in full HD specs. You can also sample photos in a similar number of galleries. There are over 275 high res photos in each gallery.


Innocent High touched my softest hidden desires. The girls are stunningly gorgeous and sexually charged. Most of the recent flicks are in HD form. It was also easy to access content on the platform with the user-friendly tools.


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