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InsaneCoeds gives you the most exciting nerdy chicks in sensational solo and masturbation performances.


InsaneCoeds Review

Site Overview

Girls in their formative years are among the most inquisitive ones. These sluts seek to experiment with their sexuality and spend time masturbating, using various sex toys like dildos, vibrators, bead chains and nipple clamps, apart from inserting their long and slender fingers into their wet cunts. Watching a chick insert those fingers into her cunt is a sight to behold, and it would leave you asking for more. If this chick happens to be an intellectual and nerdy type, the charm of watching her do this is doubled.

Often, porn videos and sites feature the more outrageous chicks against these sluts, but who knows, what secrets these chicks hold. One site that has very beautifully captured the sensuality of nerdy chicks is InsaneCoeds. What made you think that the chick with a book in her hand is not sexy, has no fantasies and does not indulge in sexual fantasies? If you visit InsaneCoeds, you will realize how misplaced your preconceived notions were.

This site offers you a glimpse of the sexual lives of intellectual and fresh sluts who can up your temperatures in a matter of seconds, as compared to any other slut. If you do not believe us, then it is time for you to read this review. We are confident that after you read this review, you may well start looking at a nerdy chick in a different light, and find her giving you the most satisfying sexual experience ever.

Design & Features

True to its premise of using fresh sluts, the creators have designed this site with the perfect blend of colours, text, videos and subscription rates. Designing a site that features intellectuals and nerds is difficult, for these sluts are shy, introverted and do not mingle with others easily. They have a close coterie of friends and occasionally indulge in sex with someone very dear to them.
The design of the tour pages brings forth these hidden features of these sluts.

To begin with, there is a pink coloured background that gels very well with the kind of chicks who model for this site. Pink is a very girly colour and is usually associated with roses, ribbons and anything that is cute and girlish. You will find different shades of pink on this site and adding to the beauty and sexy feel. The tour pages feature only the sluts who model on this site. There is a large photograph of the slut in a very seductive pose. The chick looks more like a sultry seductress and siren, than an average nerd. The best part of the photograph is it captures both aspects of the slut, her seductive side and the nerdy side. I loved these photographs. I could keep watching the chick and imagine how she would be if she were naked in front of me.

Well, my imagination came true, for below this photograph, there are thumbnails of the chick in various poses, masturbating and playing with herself. You will find a variety of sex toys in use, such as dildos, vibrators, bead chains and even bottles. The site has left no stone unturned to show these nerds’ wild side. On the left of the photograph, the name of the model and a brief description follows. The description is also very aptly designed. Intellectual sluts are quite bookish, and the general feel is that they are quite boring. But when you see the chicks on InsaneCoeds, your misconceptions will be laid to rest. The backdrop of the description is a book, showing the bookish nature of the chicks. The description tells you what this slut does and why she is modeling on this site.

Above the description is a free downloadable movie of the slut. We are sure that after you watch the video, you will want more of the chick. At the top of the site is the InsaneCoeds banner. A pink coloured watermark image of sluts playing with their bodies and InsaneCoeds in orange and pink striking your eyes brightly. A blue outlined halo makes it very attractive. A nerdy chick in spectacles, a few books and a graduation hat complete the logo. The logo is well thought-out and suits the premise with which this site has been conceived.

Girls & Videos

You have now got an idea of what to expect from this site. You have the most amazing intellectual chicks who seem to be bookish, boring and nerdy with spectacles. But when you see their horny side, you are sure to seek a nerdy girlfriend. The site features mostly American and European chicks, with some tanned beauties. American and European girls have one thing in common. Their skin has a pale pink texture, which many of us believe to be white. Is there anything common between the skin colour and the background colour of this site? Are you able to make out the similarities? Pink colour and pink skin.

The creators of this site have put in a lot of thought to give you something that is truly outstanding, and look at what you have got. Isn’t this true? These sluts have boobs and nipples that are as good as the description above. You will find chicks with neatly shaven pussies, trimmed pussies or hairy ones. Asses are amazing, and you would want to use them as your pillow to get into a deep slumber. Many sluts have their navels pierced, adding to their sexual quotient.

Their pink pussies pack a mean punch when you fuck them, for they love hard dicks thrusting in-and-out of those love holes. When they finger themselves, they always hit their G-Spots, making them moan and scream in ecstasy. When they insert dildos and other sex toys, you would want to actively partake in the process. I personally loved the bead chain that one slut inserted into her pink cunt. She pushed the entire length of her bead chain into her cunt, and slowly started pulling it out. Whenever a bead came out of her pussy, it gave her a very tingling feeling, and she yelped in pleasure. She would vary the speed of pulling the chain, to give her the kind of pleasure she wanted. The camera was fixated on her wet cunt and it was truly amazing to watch this entire scene unfold before me.


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