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Interracial Pickups

Price: $1.99 1 day

InterracialPickups stars a black guy that drives around in his van picking up attractive white women. After talking to them for a minute, he takes them back to his place for some entertaining sex on film. You get to see it all, from the pickup scene to the wild and steamy sex. The scenes always end with a money shot. This original website is fun and full of attractive white models willing to have indiscriminate sex.


InterracialPickups review

Get ready for the best pickup videos online. The star of this website is a professional, driving around picking up hot white women and taking them back to his place for sex on film. This original content follows a standard formula; though, with a large amount of models, each video is unique and steamy. While there is only one male model starring in these videos, there are loads of stunning white women ready to take it all off and have fun for the camera. If you find yourself interested in watching these pickup videos, then first read this review and then get your own membership to InterracialPickups.

InterracialPickups is in the top of its class

This website stands out for having high quality videos and a smooth design for the website. There is a long list of models with a thumbnail picture of their face, a determining factor in whether the video will be hot to watch. After clicking on a model, you can view the videos in which they get featured. There is also the option to scroll through the latest interracial videos. Each video has a brief description as well as a trailer. Other helpful information includes user comments, which range from profane to generally descriptive. After getting a membership, you can leave your own comments. This type of layout makes InterracialPickups nice and easy to browse. You will find this same type of layout on the other websites that belong to the same network.

InterracialPickups and over 20 other porn websites

InterracialPickups alone is worthy of the price of membership; though, the fun times are just getting started with InterracialPickups. There are over 20 websites on the same network as InterracialPickups and you get to visit them all with a paid membership. Just imagine getting unlimited access to 22 websites on the Dogfart Network for one low price. You can visit WifeWriting, InterracialBlowbang, RuthBlackwell, SpringThomas, and more. These websites have their own original content; though, they share one similarity – they all have interracial sex scenes. Get a membership to one of these websites to enjoy access to them all.

InterracialPickups has professional pickup videos

The videos at Interracialpickups are of the highest quality. At first, it may seem that the videos are repetitive and follow same approach. Once you watch a couple of videos it is obvious that each video is unique, as they star a different model. Other than the different model, the videos are similar. The earliest videos all take place in the same apartment or house, after the star gets the model back to his place; though, in later videos, there are a few other settings. New updates are not very frequent; though, there are over 20 additional interracial websites to look at as well. This helps provide newer content when one of the websites has not been updated in a while.

Overview of InterracialPickups and getting a membership

Are you ready for a membership to InterracialPickups? This website has everything that you would expect from a quality porn website, including loads of content and sexy models engaging in steamy sex scenes. The only disadvantage that is noticeable on this website is the lack of new content. The extra websites downplay this problem, as the Dogfart Network updates weekly, just not on every website. One area where this network shines is with the beautiful models they use. They have picked out some of the hottest white models. No matter which website you like the best the cost is the same across the entire Dogfart Network. Choose a website and then get your membership to get access to all the websites. The membership process is secure and your credit card will get discreetly charged.

  • $1.99 / to try the 1-day trial
  • $29.99 / for a single month
  • $19.99 / each month (for a 3-month membership)
  • $9.99 / each month (when getting a 1-year plan)


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